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The Aussie woman scaring the Western Propaganda Machine – Interview with Jaq James


The Aussie woman scaring the Western Propaganda Machine – Interview with Jaq James

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23 Sep 2022

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Call for submissions to the Senate’s Project Iron Boomerang inquiry

Recruit your community—
pass the Commonwealth Postal Savings Bank!

PASS motions/resolutions supporting the CPSB Bill! 

On 27 July, the Narrabri Shire Council in NSW unanimously passed a resolution supporting the Commonwealth Postal Savings Bank (CPSB) Bill, calling on the Parliament to pass the legislation and on 28 July, the Banana Shire Council in QLD carried a similar resolution with no opposition. On 3 August we were informed that the Licensed Post Office Group have endorsed the CPSB. Get involved and call upon your community organisations and local council to join the fight for federal legislation to create a Postal Bank. Download PDF Flyer of Narrabri Shire & Banana Shire Resolutions.

Sign petition: An Australia Post ‘people’s bank’—a win-win solution for the nation

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The more details of former Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s secret multi-ministerial power-grab are made public, the more questions arise as to who was actually pulling the strings.

30 Sep 2022

In a three-part series by Melissa Harrison, published August-September 2022, the Australian Alert Service exposes how the Lowy Institute, Australia’s i

30 Sep 2022

Throughout Australia’s brief history, it has been a common refrain among those who have passed for geopolitical strategists that the nation were always in need of some “great and powerful fried” to safeguard our national security—or to dispense…

23 Sep 2022