China's not our enemy, the IMF banking mafia is

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28 August 2019
Vol. 21. No 35

New Australian Alert Service readers sometimes have difficulty understanding why the Citizens Electoral Council is positive about China, especially in comparison with the mainstream media and major-party politicians. Unlike the major parties, the CEC doesn’t take donations from Chinese interests. We also don’t have ties to Chinese organisations. What we do have is a deep knowledge of what is wrong in Australia. And when media and politicians constantly and hysterically characterise China as evil, totalitarian, and menacing, we know the same media and politicians are trying to distract Australians from the great evil that has gripped our country, which has become a police state enforcing a bankers’ dictatorship.

It is this bankers’ dictatorship that is the enemy of the Australian people. It has an oppressive impact on our lives every day. Unleashed by the neoliberal agenda imposed by successive ALP and Liberal governments under the direction of the secretive British Mont Pelerin Society (profiled in this week’s Almanac), the banks have financialised the economy and trapped Australians in record debt. They are able to fleece the public at every turn, taking a cut of every transaction as we toil under the rising cost of living. Never satisfied, banks have become financial predators, actively scamming their customers through fraudulent loans and investments that have ruined countless Australians, driving them to despair and suicide. And this is written in the present tense, because when the public outcry became overwhelming and the government was forced to call the royal commission, they rigged it to ensure that it would achieve nothing. The banks celebrated the outcome and are free to carry on as before, with the full complicity of major parties, including Labor.

One of the few honest reporters to pursue banking crimes, Adele Ferguson, has exposed many financial atrocities of the last three decades in her new book, Banking Bad. It’s a reminder that in Australia today, we have actual criminals in high positions running the banks, earning millions when they should be in jail, while literally thousands of impoverished victims are languishing on the scrap heap. And the politicians are protecting the banks, forcing the victims to beg for scraps—you’ll know if the major parties are ever genuine about banking reform, because among other things they will force the banks to compensate their victims in full, to the tune of tens of billions of dollars.

The major parties don’t serve the banks just because they are paid off—which they are—but because they are subservient to the global banking mafia centred in the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Bank for International Settlements and Financial Stability Board, and the world’s major central banks, including the Bank of England, the US Federal Reserve, and the European Central Bank. These institutions have created a global banking regime that dictates policies to governments which enforce the interests of the private banking cartel. Their agenda since the global financial crisis has been dominated by “bail-in”—demanding governments give regulators powers to seize customer deposits to prop up failing banks. Now with their management of the global financial system in disarray, they are resorting to the insane negative interest rates policy (NIRP) in a futile attempt to postpone the inevitable crash. To make it work, the IMF is demanding cash restrictions to trap people in banks so they can’t escape bail-in and negative interest rates. This is totalitarian madness, the last days of Nero.

Some media and politicians call the connection between Scott Morrison’s cash ban and the IMF’s NIRP a “conspiracy theory”. Don’t be shocked if they try to adopt the FBI’s new policy of equating conspiracy theories to terrorism, to silence opposition. China isn’t doing this to us, it’s the bankers’ dictatorship, against which we must fight for our individual rights and national sovereignty, so we can again have a functioning, productive economy.

In this issue:

  • Two weeks to stop Parliament passing Morrison’s cash ban!
  • Australia flexes its ‘democratic values’ against Iran in next Anglo-American war crime
  • End failed National Electricity Market now!
  • BlackRock’s monetary ‘regime change’ is fascism
  • Message to Congress on curbing monopolies
  • Bank of England proposes virtual world currency
  • UK Labour draws on Australia’s bank inquiry to investigate City of London
  • Mainstream media wake up to eco-fascism … kind of
  • Project Deomcracy coup machine drives Hong Kong ‘protests’
  • Anglo-American war party still pursues regime-change, backs terrorists in Syria
  • Two weeks until parliament sits again: mobilise your MP!
  • Criminality, not cash, is the problem
  • ALMANAC: Boris’s cabinet consolidates Mont Pelerin Society control

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