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Lead Editorial

27 November 2019
Vol. 21. No 48

“Get out of my wallet!” Such was the unequivocal message to the Australian Treasury from a Liberal Party member, speaking in support of a motion to scrap the cash ban passed 23 November at the Liberal Party’s Victorian State Council meeting (p. 3). The population is rebelling against other attempts to get into their personal space too, wrapped in the disguise of national security. The reality is that the crisis is coming, and the financial establishment can only maintain power if they have a suite of new laws and mechanisms at their disposal. If they don’t get the powers they need, the only alternative is war, for which you can already hear the drums beating.

Victoria State Council meeting
Tweets from ABC and Australian reporters didn't make the news.

The campaign against the cash ban is just one flank in the fight to transform what have become vast criminal enterprises back into banks that function for the good of the nation. Against the backdrop of a new global financial crisis that the US Federal Reserve is pre-emptively intervening in (p. 10), even high-level figures are raising important questions regarding the freedoms we are being asked to give up in the name of national and economic security. 

In a speech at the Payment Asia Summit in China, Executive Board Member of Germany’s central bank, Dr Johannes Beermann, stressed the independence and freedom—both financially and from social control—which is provided by cash. In the face of overwhelming opposition, the German government rejected a €5,000 cash transaction limit in 2016. This reaction, from a country which holds the experience of totalitarian fascism in its living memory, is telling. (p. 5)

Westpac’s failure to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006, after the Commonwealth Bank’s previous breaches, and with all the banks under review, is further proof that our government is not serious about fighting the black economy. It will not use the cash transaction ban to stamp out the real black economy, because that would bring down our banks and economy with it!

The resignation of Westpac’s Brian Hartzer, who follows others dislodged by the scandals revealed by the banking royal commission, will not cut it. Unless bankers are sent to jail, the corruption will continue, and when the financial system collapses, the real clampdown will come. The myriad laws and rules that have been quietly passed, many of them long forgotten, will be invoked. Then it will be too late.

As a federal law enforcement veteran with 32 years’ experience told Alan Jones and Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar on 2GB radio on 29 August, if the government were really serious about combating organised crime, it would enact a US-style RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organisations) Act. In the USA, RICO action—normally reserved for pursuing organised crime—has been initiated against JPMorgan Chase, likely for the first time against a major bank. It was charged by the US Department of Justice with running its precious metals trading desk as a racketeering enterprise.

The suite of laws the Citizens Party promotes, which provide an alternative to the financial establishment’s extreme measures to control the population in a crisis, enjoy growing support among MPs. After a delay for technical reasons, the Australian Banks (Government Audit) Bill 2019 will be tabled in the Senate on Monday, 2 December. We are pushing to amend the Crisis Resolution Powers and Other Measures Act 2018, to explicitly exclude deposits from bail-in. Our Glass-Steagall bank separation bill, twice tabled, must be debated; and our revised national banking bill to fund an economic recovery is ready to go. The mutiny under way in the Liberal Party, along with the shift building in the ALP—evidenced by it forcing the cash ban bill into an extended inquiry and its voting for Pauline Hanson’s dairy bill—show it’s not impossible to get these bills legislated before the crisis hits. You educating your MP is the key!

In this issue:

  • Cash ban revolt boils over!
  • Stop the rot—take control of the Big Four banks!
  • Germany values cash for convenience, reliability, privacy and freedom
  • Nonsensical ‘Chinese spy’ report vindicates Keating’s scorn for media, intel agencies’ China-bashing
  • The Australian unmasks Hong Kong’s ‘democracy’ movement
  • Water trading bankers destroy agriculture
  • More Repo ructions: The Fed reinvents bailouts
  • JPMorgan Chase is the riskiest big bank in the USA
  • Derivatives fraudsters sentenced to jail
  • British escalate drive to impose Green Fascism on Europe
  • Jacques Cheminade: Why I oppose the EIB policy change
  • The Senate Committee fuels dissent!
  • Why Corbyn terrifies the Five Eyes
  • ALMANAC: Green insanity and electricity dereg set California on fire – Part II

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