The deep state ‘nutters’ vs. the people

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Who wouldn’t want to see global cooperation on infrastructure development to uplift poverty-stricken regions? Or a new fair and just financial architecture which reins in banks from reckless speculation, preventing them siphoning the wealth of the masses to a select few?

There’s a new front in the battle to expose the forces working to suppress international collaboration for such a new economic paradigm. It was inadvertently opened up when, after the “Russiagate” probe concluded without finding evidence of collusion, US President Donald Trump ordered his Attorney General to include Australia and the UK in his investigation of the fabrication of the Russiagate hoax. If he takes the remit seriously, Attorney General William Barr will be wading into a viper’s nest, intersecting the seediest networks of the US-UK “deep state” apparatus—political, military and intelligence personnel who answer to the Five Eyes spying alliance (UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) rather than their national governments. These are the same networks running Australia’s foreign policy, whom former PM Paul Keating recently called “nutters”.

The supranational Five Eyes was created by the USA and the UK in the immediate aftermath of World War II, although it was so secret its existence wasn’t widely known until the mid-2000s. It’s purpose was to assert Anglo-American control of the post-war geopolitical landscape. Keeping rival powers at bay—namely the Soviet Union and later, China—was a major consideration (programs like ECHELON which now spy on billions of people worldwide began as systems to monitor Soviet communications). This was to be elucidated in the so-called “Wolfowitz doctrine” named for US Vice President Dick Cheney’s advisor, Paul Wolfowitz, who in 1992 wrote a defence guidance memo stating that “Our strategy must now refocus on precluding the emergence of any potential future global competitor.” That strategy, comprising a litany of regime-change wars, along with the roll-out of the Five Eyes surveillance state, really took off after the 11 September 2001 terrorist attack.

“National Security” has since been exploited as a means of suppressing outrage against otherwise abominable actions—from laws that suppress basic human freedoms to illegal, pre-emptive wars, the assassination of leaders of foreign countries without trial, torture in “black site” facilities, the illegal detention of suspects, and drone strikes against defenceless children (collateral damage)—all in all, causing the deaths of millions of innocent civilians.

Those who exposed this—Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and others—languish in prison or in exile. Last week’s raids on the Australian media are finally exposing this reality. The CEC’s long-rejected analysis is proven 100 per cent right. Responding to our full-page ad published in the Australian—17 years ago today—calling for the raft of new anti-terrorism laws to be trashed, then- Attorney General Daryl Williams declared it “extremely disappointing that the Citizens Electoral Council chooses to peddle untruths and incite fear in the community”. “There is no dark conspiracy”, wrote Williams a day earlier, in The Age on 11 June 2002. “This legislation is to protect our families and the community from terrorism.” And from journalism!

The CEC ad had been signed by over two hundred unionists, public servants, lobbyists and prominent leaders. Facing opposition from the Labor Party and an internal coalition revolt, with MPs saying they were bombarded with emails and phone calls, within days Williams was forced to accept major amendments, and the bills were further watered down by the time they finally passed over a year later following two committee inquiries and a review. Since then, however, as Labor weakened, the powers have been strengthened. Today, the financial collapse that threatens the elites’ power is bearing down, with the US and Europe both hinting at rate cuts and more quantitative easing. Australia is in the crosshairs of a new crisis—the CEC has the solutions Australia needs, and a record that can be trusted.

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Page last updated on 13 June 2019