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This release was first published as an article by Citizens Party researcher Jeremy Beck in the 3 March 2021 Australian Alert Service.
  • Agriculture
Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Communications Minister Paul Fletcher used “public expectations” as a cynical political ruse to force out Christine Holgate as CEO of Australia Post over the purchase of Cartier watches.
  • National Banking
The campaign to expose the truth about the Christine Holgate-Australia Post Cartier watches affair has achieved a stunning political turnaround.
  • National Banking
Proving the value of minor parties in Parliament, Bob Katter MP and Senator Pauline Hanson have each called out lies used to force Christine Holgate out of Australia Post.
  • National Banking
The fights against bail-in, cash bans, and for public banking institutions to invest in the real economy, stand in the way of the technocratic assault on democracy and sovereignty called the Great Reset.
  • Banking / Finance