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The Prime Minister is so terrified of the implications from the Senate’s inquiry into the unlawful removal of Christine Holgate that he has resorted to a brazen attempt to corrupt the process.
  • Australia Post
Stood-down Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate has never spoken to the media, but now she has made an explosive 150-page submission to the Senate Environment and Communications Committee’s inquiry into her removal.
  • Australia Post
Please sign and share the new petition: “PM Morrison—apologise to Christine Holgate and reinstate her as CEO of Australia Post”.
  • Australia Post
The death-knell of neoliberalism in Australia is sounding louder, with a landmark policy recommendation inserted in the end of a Parliamentary report handed down mid-March.
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Call Scott Morrison’s office and add your comment on Scott Morrison’s Facebook apology to demand he apologise to Christine Holgate and reinstate her as CEO.
  • Australia Post