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Born-again National Party leader Barnaby Joyce is a very outspoken politician—when he’s not in leadership.
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James Shipton’s fate is what happens in Australia when even modest efforts to regulate threaten the major banks, illustrating the urgent need for a public bank alternative to break the monopoly of the Big Four.
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The Senate’s Australia Post inquiry report, tabled in Parliament yesterday (15 June), was the culmination of the amazing campaign to support Christine Holgate and the thousands of Licensed Post Offices (LPOs) she saved with her 2018 banking deal.
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Ethical journalism? Four Corners is questioning the Citizens Party’s role in the Christine Holgate campaign—why isn’t it asking the Citizens Party?
In 2018, while the banking royal commission was shocking Australians with revelations of the crimes of the banks and failings of the regulators, then-Treasurer Scott Morrison insisted on regulators maintaining the prin
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The months of relentless campaigning for justice for Christine Holgate by licensed post offices (LPOs), the Citizens Party, and thousands of concerned Australians has culminated in a powerful and scathing