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While hosting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on 22 September 2023, the Speaker of Canada’s House of Commons honoured the presence in the gallery of a 98 year-old “Ukrainian-Canadian war veteran from the Second World War who fought for Ukra
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Australian consumers have every right to be furious at the banks continuing to force their cashless agenda while pretending otherwise, the Australian Citizens Party (ACP) said today. The Commonwealth Bank (CBA) is a classic example.
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Senators will take on the Big Four bank CEOs and Australian Banking Association CEO Anna Bligh over their cashless agenda which is leaving communities across Australia without essential banking services.
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Spurred on by bank branch closures, 20 local Councils across Australia have now passed motions endorsing the Australian Citizens Party’s proposal for a national post office People’s Bank, which would save essential postal and banking services for
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Because ALP and Liberals in 2020 contrived a scandal over then-CEO Christine Holgate spending $20,000 on four Cartier watches two years earlier (
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After voting down a similar motion in September 2022, this month Temora Shire in NSW reversed its position and carried a motion to support a public post office bank.
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