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Must watch interview with former NZ Cabinet Minister Matt Robson:
  • National Banking
Bank branch closures have cut off hundreds of communities, especially in regional Australia, from essential financial services.
  • Postal Savings Bank
Thirty-one years after Australia embarked on electricity ‘reform’—corporatisation, privatisation, deregulation, national electricity market, and the renewable energy target—the experiment has been a massive failure.
  • Energy & Resources
The RBA is recklessly ignoring the mortgage stress of households that were lured into mortgages to prop up the bubble; Australia needs a foreclosure moratorium now!
  • Housing
  • Financial Crisis
Australia Post is an early test of the integrity of the new Albanese Labor government.
  • Australia Post
  • Postal Savings Bank
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s headline agenda, which dominates media reporting, includes China, climate change, and a federal integrity commission.
  • Australia Post
  • Royal Commission