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Australians are suffering mortgage and rental stress in record numbers, for the sake of “fighting inflation”—a bogus target, which prioritises private bankers’ balance sheets over people’s well-being.

What you need to know, to get free of this brutal policy, is in “The genesis of austerity”, a nine-part series by Australian Alert Service editor Elisa Barwick.

Published in the Australian Almanac over the course of 2023, this ugly story of how “austerity” became economic and political dogma is now available as a pamphlet! 

Barwick documents how the City of London banking elite, working through the UK Treasury and the Bank of England (BoE), worked up programs of fiscal, monetary and industrial austerity—belt-tightening by governments and people—in the 1920s, and imposed them on war-torn Europe.

These policies were not effective (and never are) in actually reducing inflation, but they fuelled the rise of fascism. Click for more about the Gensis of Austerity series.

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