Australian Citizens Party formerly Citizens Electoral Council

Our Policies

The Citizens Party's policies will revive our nation with economic development and growth facilitated by national banking like that of the old government-owned Commonwealth Bank. The Citizens Party's policies will return our productive industries to health by reversing the deregulation and privatisation enacted since the Hawke-Keating era.

Together with reining in the banks’ speculative practices and getting the housing bubble under control—which is easy to do with Glass-Steagall banking regulations prohibiting deposit-taking banks from gambling and fuelling the bubble—our economy will again serve all Australian citizens rather than a select few.

The five-point program for Australia to survive the new global crash

  1. A national bank

  2. Stop ‘bail-in’ and Break up the banks

  3. A moratorium on home and farm foreclosures

  4. Infrastructure jobs and development

  5. International cooperation on financial architecture and trade

The Citizens Party's policy program addresses the reality that a new financial crisis is inevitable. By any measure, the Australian and global financial systems are in worse condition today than at the time of the 2008 global financial crisis, especially in terms of what caused the last crisis—unpayable debt.

Australia has record foreign and household debt; we are losing our productive industries, such as car and steel manufacturing; real unemployment is at least nearly 10 per cent; and our banking system faces wipe out when the property bubble inevitably crashes.

For 32 years the Citizens Party/CEC has fought as an independent political party for the principles of the common good and national sovereignty, in economic and foreign policy, which are needed today.

We have fought to free Australia from the Crown-City of London-Wall Street apparatus of banks and multinational corporations, which seized control of our economy under the policies of deregulation and privatisation that the Hawke-Keating ALP started, and the Liberals continued.

We have fought for economic development using a national bank to invest in large-scale water, power and transport infrastructure projects, in order to expand our agriculture and manufacturing industries and create hundreds of thousands of productive jobs.

We have fought for a just world economic order based on respect for national sovereignty, and the principle of peace through economic development—that nations collaborating on mutually beneficial economic development projects provides the basis for lasting peace.

Read through the Citizens Party's policies that are based on these principles.