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Lead Editorial

9 November 2022
Vol. 24 No. 45

Nuclear firestorm
A nuclear firestorm from weapons aimed at New York City would encompass a 390 km2 radius, according to nuclear weapons expert Steven Starr (p. 10). Photo: Screenshot

The danger of nuclear war is as great now as at any time in post-war history, but you wouldn’t know it from the words and actions of Western politicians and media who are cheering on Ukraine against Russia.

However, credible voices who are on record as having warned, for years, of the danger of war if NATO took over Ukraine, are now warning of nuclear war, and must be heard.

On 5 November, Executive Intelligence Review magazine (EIR) hosted a press conference in New York City, “Nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought”. The experts who spoke included retired University of Missouri nuclear weapons and war expert Steven Starr, former US Marine and nuclear weapons inspector Scott Ritter, retired US Marine Colonel Richard Black, retired French Colonel Alain Corvez, retired French General Dominique Delawarde, former CIA senior analyst Ray McGovern, and former US Senate Committee on Foreign relations staffer Dr Clifford Kiracofe.

The EIR press conference established that the danger of nuclear war, which stems not from Russia and China but from the policies and actions of the bankrupt West’s fanatical drive to maintain hegemony through military means, is extreme, and must be remedied, and that no “tactical” or “limited” nuclear war is possible; our only options are peace, or nuclear “Armageddon”, which would destroy life on this planet.

The day before EIR’s press conference, the Pentagon flaunted its expectations of permanent war in Europe, announcing it will stand up a permanent headquarters inside Germany, to oversee military aid to Ukraine “for the long term”. This is another step to expanding the war.

The day before that, the head of the US Strategic Command, Navy Adm. Charles Richard, the man who commands US nuclear forces, issued a wild call to ramp up US nuclear armament production in a mobilisation not seen since the Moon landing project. This madman called Ukraine merely “the warm-up” for “the big one”: confrontation with China. His call was enthusiastically endorsed by the Wall Street Journal. 

Ray McGovern, a founder of the anti-war Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), during the proceed - ings posed the prob - lem: When the Russian leadership looks at the USA, they ask themselves, “’Who is in charge?’ The President? Or is it the Strategic Command? That is what makes the situation so absolutely ‘delicate’,” he warned.

While valid comparisons between the current Ukraine crisis and the 1962 Cuban missile crisis have long been made, the current acute danger stems from the escalation Russia warned of a few weeks ago, that Ukraine was in possession of a “dirty bomb”. Although the USA and UK immediately accused Russia of planning a “false flag” attack—accusing Ukraine of something it intended to do itself—Russia presented evidence to the UN Security Council, which was taken seriously.

Amidst all of the talk, including of using so-called “tactical” nuclear weapons in a “limited” nuclear war, the US Nuclear Posture Review has heightened the danger by introducing ambiguity into its statement of the circumstances in which it would use nuclear weapons.

In contrast to the West, Russia is talking about the danger, warning in a 2 November Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement that nuclear war “must never be fought”. It reaffirmed Russia’s commitment to the 3 January 2022 joint statement of the leaders of the five nuclear-weapon states on preventing nuclear war and avoiding arms races.

New Zealand-based internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom called in to EIR’s press conference, later tweeting to his nearly one million followers the truth that the USA and UK are escalating the danger of nuclear war to save their financial system: “It’s either war with Russia and China to stop BRICS+ or the financial collapse of the US, EU and the entire Debt and money printing circus. It was never about the people of Ukraine. Ukraine is a sideshow. The main event is yet to come. The two options are poverty or nuclear war.”

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