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Gabrielle Peut - CEC Senate Candidate for Victoria

Gabrielle Peut
CEC Senate Candidate for Victoria
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Gabrielle Peut - CEC Victorian Senate Candidate

Gabrielle is a National Executive Member of the CEC, and since 1993 has organised with a tenacity and passion that has recruited many Australians to join the CEC. She is a researcher and has delivered many powerful presentations in recent years and written ground-breaking articles.

2010 - The Priesthood of Monetarism and the Parliamentary System: That Governs Your Life [video]
2011 - Pierre & Marie Curie - CEC) National Conference, July 24th 2011 [video]
2012 - Australia Prepares for World War: Tragedy, or Just Plain Farce? [article for The New Citizen PDF-4.7 MB]
2013 - British Empire Grooms Australia, Expands NATO, for War with China [article published in Executive Intelligence Review]
2015 - Economic Reform & The BRICS Process: Views from the UK [video]

2016 - Gabrielle directed the preparation of CEC's publication "Tribute to John Morgan", a dedication of the life of the Australian investigator of the murder of Princess Diana.

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