Alexis Garnaut-Miller - Citizens Party Candidate for Cunningham (NSW)

Alexis Garnaut-Miller
Citizens Party Candidate for Cunningham (NSW)
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When anyone asks why am I doing this, running for parliament, taking a stand for our local community? It’s legacy work. I have been involved in the background of sovereign nation issues in London and Australia for over twenty years. It is the legacy we are leaving for our children and generations to come.

Together we CAN create a better living standard for ALL communities in Australia.

The Citizens Party has been diligently working in the background on key issues, on behalf of all Australians, for over thirty years. They help hold the spiritual and moral code in politics in Australia. Their research and education approach has gained the attention of thoughtful institutional and community leaders, citizens who are passionate about the potential of Australia and politicians across all parties. Why? Because the solutions they propose and have been working towards, are common sense. There are simple and immediate solutions to many of our seemingly complex problems. The Citizens Party approach is to focus on solutions and then get the job of implementation done.

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In my professional roles across human resources and small business here and overseas, I have seen how organisations CAN transform. In my 20 plus years as a therapist too, I have heard the human stories and personal struggles of thousands of people around the world. I continue to be awed by our human capacity for change, when we individually and collectively have a clear vision and mission. As national VP of Neighbourhood Connect, I have seen the importance of creating connected communities to help overcome the social isolation, anxiety, depression and difficult changes many Australians have faced in the past few years.

We are living in historically critical and pivotal times. I strongly believe at the core of it all, we are here to help each other grow and evolve. A key part of that belief is TOGETHER. At the heart of things, our social wellbeing and inter-relationships through non-violent communication, through non-violent collaboration, can create the peace we are all looking for. The peace and vitality in our own hearts, our families, communities and with our global neighbours.

We CAN accomplish this mission of better outcomes for all Australians. Together we CAN be the change we wish to see in the world. But it only happens when every citizen helps take responsibility. This ethos is one of the many reasons that I support the Citizens Party approach to helping transform Australia from the ground up. Most people have not (yet) heard of the Citizens Party however they have been diligently doing important work in the background to make our country function better.

The campaign, for instance, for a Post Office Bank, to replace the sold-off Commonwealth Bank, and tightening Bail-In loopholes, will immediately assist in our country’s financial sovereignty. It will help protect retirement monies, savings, superannuation, property from being pillaged from our nation. It will also help keep cash in the economy and revitalise the socially important role of our iconic Australia Post Office in regional and smaller communities. Among many other policies, the Citizens Party has been key to writing the legislation and educating candidates in all parties about the urgency for this specific outcome.

The start of 2022 sees an important opportunity for citizens to stand up together across all parties. To take a stand on behalf of our greater wellbeing. And to be the change we wish to see in our local communities across Australia. It calls for EVERYONE’S participation in the economic outcome.

Let’s not waste a single vote this time around. Get every citizen around you to vote with their own values and missions in mind. THIS is how we can each help create the shift deep down we’re all looking for.

If you live in the Wollongong area or federal electorate of Cunningham (from Port Kembla up to Helensburgh), I hope to meet you in person at our weekly in-person and online Open Forums to discuss financial sovereignty, what YOU can do, and how it affects us all.

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