Paul Borthwick - Citizens Party Candidate for Robertson (NSW)

Paul Borthwick
Citizens Party Candidate for Robertson (NSW)
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I am a proud Australian born in 1960 in Newcastle hospital (torn down in the early 1990s and replaced with apartments). My late father was a policeman, and I was raised in the Riverina district of NSW until we moved back to Sydney in 1975 where I completed my school education. Afterwards I completed a four-year Drafting (Mechanical) Apprenticeship within the Commercial Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Industry. During my apprenticeship I also completed Mechanical Engineering course through the NSW TAFE System.

Over the next 28 years of my life and working career, I was married for 18 years (divorced now but raised two step-children). I travelled all around Australia working in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Adelaide then back to Sydney in 2010. I also lived and worked overseas in Singapore during 1993 and in Bangkok, Thailand for three years until 1997. In 2010 I purchased a property in Gosford on the NSW central coast where I still live today and run a small business from home within the commercial HVAC industry.

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I realised after my time living and working in Southeast Asia that the term, “Australia, the lucky country” was true. However, it has been slowly destroyed from within and abroad.

I remember during my apprenticeship years doing work on the Bankstown Aircraft Factory, which no longer exists. Travelling across Sydney to work, I used to pass White Goods manufacturing factories and a biscuit factory. They are all gone now, replaced with endless apartment blocks. My brother-in-law used to repair and maintain NSW government buses which were made in Australia in the late 1980s—all gone now!

These were the reasons I started getting really interested in the history of finances all over the world, the global central banking system and how the money supply is created. This research eventually led me to the Australian Citizens Party’s weekly YouTube posts, which I have now been watching for nearly two years.

The Australian Citizens Party, in my eyes, is the best hope of repairing our country and making it prosperous for everyone, not just the global financial system and multinational corporations, as is now the case. The two major political parties, Liberal and Labor, are just two different sides of the same coin. Nothing will ever change with either of them in charge of this country.

The majority of manufacturing has left our shores over the past 40 years. Most of our raw materials are being removed by foreign companies and we have failed to take advantage of our own precious resources by value-adding via our own on-shore manufacturing. I have been told by many people that we cannot manufacture in Australia because the cost of labour is too expensive. My reply to them is: Look at Japan, a manufacturing giant, a country with very few natural resources, yet it employs its people and pays them well—not cheap labour. Australia with all its resources should be a manufacturing giant as well, and one of the wealthiest countries on the planet.

Regarding the price of housing in Australia, it is absolutely crazy; we do not have a land shortage and we must do whatever it takes to ensure that the younger generations have access to affordable housing. As it stands now, most people under 40 years of age have resigned themselves to never owning their own home. This is unacceptable and will lead to unimaginable problems in the future, not to mention that it deprives young people of hope and optimism for the future. It impacts on the numbers of young people deciding either to delay or not to have children. What does this say for the future of the nation?

I am standing as the Citizens Party candidate for the federal seat of Robertson in the upcoming election. A vote for the ACP may not change the country overnight but it is a step in the right direction for the future of Australia and its citizens. We need to have ACP candidates in Federal Parliament to hold the Government accountable. Vote for the ACP to help repair our great country.

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