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Rod Doel - Citizens Party Senate Candidate for Queensland

Rodney Doel
Citizens Party Senate Candidate for Queensland
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I am semi-retired at 65, and live on the Sunshine Coast, having spent most of my life as a plant operator in civil and road construction. I have been a keen surfer and snorkel diver for more than 30 years and have two sons, both good hard-working young men.

I was first introduced to the Citizens Party (formerly Citizens Electoral Council—CEC) back in 2002 at an organising table site in Sunbury, Victoria. The party had done extensive research into the history of Australia’s fight to become a true Republic. After reading their pamphlet and attending a few meetings and classes, it was evident that this party is a school of ideas founded on universal principles that go back hundreds and thousands of years: science, poetry, philosophy; how a real physical economy works.

I whole heartedly endorse the Citizens Party’s five-point program for Australia:

  1. A national banking system;
    (Includes a Commonwealth National Credit Bank to replace the Reserve Bank; a national development/infrastructure bank to lend to governments for public infrastructure projects, farmers, manufacturers etc.; and a Commonwealth Postal Savings Bank to ensure retail banking services for all Australians, especially in regional areas, guaranteed deposits, and support for the cash-payments system.)
  2. Stop Bail-in (seizure of bank deposits by failing banks) and Glass-Steagall banking separation (reduce risks to the public by separating speculative from commercial banking activities);
  3. A moratorium on home and farm foreclosures (this protective measure will be more critical than ever as inflation and interest rates rise, leaving tens of thousands of homeowners, small businesses and farmers at risk of default).
  4. Nation-building infrastructure and science-driver projects to revive the productive economy (jobs and development).
  5. International cooperation on financial architecture and trade, including the principle of “Peace through economic development”.

What I find of immediate concern is that our current leadership is in a blindfolded lockstep march to war against China and Russia. We are at the brink of thermonuclear destruction; the policy is called Mutually Assured Destruction, MAD. We need to address this now. Never mind about climate change! One nuclear winter will put us all in a Dark Age that we may never recover from. This is still avoidable.

The Citizens Party has written legislation for a Post Office Savings Bank and a National Development Bank, based on our old Commonwealth Bank (before it was privatised). With the credit generated through such a public bank, we can start rebuilding our health-care system in the public interest, not for private profit.

We can build the Iron Boomerang Project, the full-scale Bradfield Scheme, a high-speed mag-lev rail system for the continent. To rebuild this country we need an education system fostering state-of-the-art, 21st-century technology in all spheres of science, with graduates who are debt-free.

Please take the time to read our policies and join me in taking responsibility for the economic solutions to rebuild this country. Vote Australian Citizens Party in the Senate.

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