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Rodney Currey - Citizens Party Senate Candidate for South Australia

Rodney Currey
Citizens Party Senate Candidate for South Australia
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I live in Tarlee, South Australia, having recently retired from my job as a Health and Safety manager. I am 61 years of age, with four children.

I began my working life in the construction industry, where I became qualified as a rigger. In my younger years I was a shop steward for the BLF. I have always identified with the legendary William G. Spence, founder of AWU, who believed that the “masses” must take personal responsibly to change the politics of the country, instead of just whinging about it. I was very happy to discover a few years ago, that this principle is a core foundation of the Australian Citizens Party. (See quote below.)

After many years in the construction sector, I realised that I wouldn't be able to continue doing the heavy work, so I went back to school and studied for a Diploma in Health and Safety. Since then I have been employed by large construction companies in management positions, setting up and maintaining Health and Safety compliance. These jobs meant a lot of travel and living out of a motorhome for long stretches at a time.

I was drawn to the Citizens Party after watching a Citizens Report in 2019 on the fight to defeat the Government’s infamous “Cash Ban Bill”. Access to, and the right to use cash, especially in rural and regional areas, is essential, and I was opposed to the push by the banking system to force their cashless agenda on the nation.

I am very aware that Australia and the world are headed for another massive financial crash, and that we need to power up our manufacturing and industrial economy. The supply chain issues facing the nation could be significantly diminished if we properly invested in manufacturing and supported innovative new technologies; for this we need to recruit and train the younger generations without impoverishing them in the process; and we need to build major new transportation and water infrastructure such as the Ord River Scheme, which I was fortunate to work on.

Please support me in this election and let us heed these inspiring words from W.G. Spence:

Let us Agitate, Educate, Organise. We have the power if we have the will…. We have the intelligence and the power to change the conditions of life for the better, and have only to put forth our energy, and by unity of effort we can gain all that is required…. The masses must not only take a deeper interest in political questions, but they must make the politics of the country. The welfare of the people must be raised to the first place—must be the uppermost and foremost consideration. How best to secure the good of all without injury to any should be the aim—not commercial supremacy, not cheap production regardless of the human misery following, but rather the broadest justice, the widest extension of human happiness, and the attainment of the highest intellectual and moral standard of civilised nations should be our aim.” – W.G. Spence, Speech (12 June 1892).

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