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Trudy Campbell - Citizens Party Senate Candidate for the Northern Territory

Trudy Campbell
Citizens Party Senate Candidate for the Northern Territory
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Whilst now retired, for 40 years I had a career as a registered Nurse/Midwife. During this period, I also had an eight-year interlude as full-time political organiser with the Citizens Electoral Council, based in Melbourne. At the request of our expanding support base we underwent a name change in 2019, however our policies and philosophy remain unchanged. Today, I am the State Secretary for the Australian Citizens Party (ACP) in the Northern Territory.

As a mother of four and a grandmother of six, I am passionately concerned for their future, and I love to impart to this new generation, my love of history, philosophy, theology, space, building things, mechanics and much more.

In 1988, I had the good fortune to discover the late US statesman, former presidential candidate and physical economist Lyndon LaRouche. Whilst on a stop-over in Hawaii on my way back to Australia from my first overseas trip, I saw one of his presidential campaign TV broadcasts. A few years later a good friend introduced me to the CEC and LaRouche’s Executive Intelligence Review magazine.

What LaRouche was saying made so much sense and helped me understand some of my wonderings, i.e. why my children had fewer opportunities than I had had when I finished school, the rubbish they were being taught, and why costs and prices were rising so much.

I moved to Melbourne from the rural Victorian town of Donald in 1994 and joined the CEC team. A whole new world of discovery unfolded (and is still unfolding): political organising, history, classical culture including poetry, singing, learning to play a musical instrument, and discovering how the solar system functions. This education program provided real insights into the art of statecraft—something that is sorely lacking amongst our so-called leaders and politicians today.

Two writings have particularly inspired me: the US Constitution’s Preamble, stating the principle of "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" as a principled foundation for a nation; and Australian poet Charles Harpur’s poem, "War Song of the Australasian League".

In 2002, I returned to nursing in Melbourne but found the health system to have been taken over by bureaucracy; it was “costs” not “care”, documentation beyond reason, computers and "obey the rules " imposed, which were counter to all that I was taught. The internal structures of management, from a nursing perspective, became on a "need-to-know only" basis, which I believed was detrimental to providing quality patient care.

In 2006, with my children all independent, I moved to Darwin to take up the role of NT State Secretary for the CEC, and to continue nursing.

I am standing as a Senate candidate for the Northern Territory in 2022 because I believe it is vital that we, as Territorians, play our part in developing and rebuilding our physical economy, and in freeing Australia from its colonial shackles by asserting our sovereignty. Given our location and proximity to Asia, I am deeply concerned about our Government's and its Anglo-American allies’ deliberate geopolitical destabilisation of China, and the defence implications for the NT. I believe we must pursue a policy of peace through economic development and old-fashioned diplomacy instead of hostile confrontation.

The ACP’s policies and ideas empower all of us to realise our potential as citizens of this great country, and in so doing, give all of us, especially the next generations, a real mission for our lives: to uphold the “common good” and ensure the wellbeing and future presence of humanity as a unique creative species on our planet and within our Universe. Our present leadership lacks the moral quality and vision required for the future of this country, in this time of crisis. I ask for your vote and your support.

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