Liberal policy is to send you to jail for spending your own cash—what will Labor do?

- Citizens Party Media Release

This week is make-or-break for the cash ban. The Senate inquiry hands down its report on Friday ahead of an expected Senate vote next week. Everyone opposed to this law must call Labor Senators this week, as well as Leader Anthony Albanese and Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers, and demand they stop it, as they have the power to do so.

Click here for contact details for all Senators in each state.

Labor Leader Anthony Albanese: (02) 6277 4022 or

Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers: (02) 6277 4880 or

The Liberals are hell-bent on ramming through a totalitarian law that jails people for up to two years for spending their own cash. They are riding roughshod over their own party members, who voted overwhelmingly—more than 95 per cent—against this law at a Victorian State Council meeting in November.

The two Senate hearings have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have zero evidence for this law, and all it will benefit are the crooked banks which people will be forced to use for more transactions, and the banks’ accomplices in the RBA who are pushing the economy towards negative interest rates, which the IMF says only work if cash is restricted.

Independent economist John Adams proved this in his excellent testimony to the second hearing in Sydney on 30 January—click here to listen to the testimony and his answers to the Senators’ questions (and please share widely).

In following up a question he was asked on notice, Adams has just broken the scandal that the Treasury and government deliberately side-stepped the proper regulatory impact statement process for new laws. Watch John Adams and Martin North, in this Interest Of The People video “The 11th Hour Regulatory Impact Economic Bombshell”, expose how the government is breaching its own processes in order to ram through this cash ban before the public become aware of the huge regulatory burden it will impose on businesses and individuals to ensure that they don’t end up in jail for spending or receiving legal tender.

It’s all down to Labor!

You have the ability to stop this law if you make as many calls this week as you can to Labor Senators.

Tell them their party has done a good job so far: Despite initially saying they’d support it, Labor responded to the public opposition and pushed for an extended Senate inquiry, which led to the two hearings in which the questioning by Labor Senators and Centre Alliance Senator Rex Patrick proved how bad this bill is.

But—and make sure you say this to the Labor Senators—Labor cannot do what they have done in these hearings, and then turn around and vote for the bill.

Too many times in situations like this, Labor tries to hide behind the fact that they are in Opposition and say they can’t be held responsible for government laws. That’s only true if they don’t vote for them.

Tell the Labor Senators if they vote for this law, they own it! You will hold them responsible for this bill, given that they can stop it, and that it was their Senators who proved how bad it is.

Labor cannot play political games with this law—Australians expect Labor and the other opposition parties to protect us from bad laws. Make sure you call them and tell them that—this week!

While you’re at it, call Senator Rex Patrick and tell him he’s doing a great job, as featured in this testy exchange with the government and ATO over who are the real tax avoiders in Australia.

And call the Greens and Senator Jacqui Lambie to make sure they also vote against the cash ban bill.

These calls are very important—you have a real opportunity this week to help defeat this law. Click here for the contact details of all Senators by state. Remember, the most important calls are to Labor Senators, ALP leader Anthony Albanese, and Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers (numbers above).

One more call people should make, today, is to Barnaby Joyce’s office. Barnaby spoke out against the cash ban in September, and given tomorrow he may challenge for the leadership of the Nationals again, call his office today to tell him he must make this cash ban a leadership issue:

(02) 6277 4011 or

The government would have rammed this bill into law in September, were it not for opponents of the cash ban making submissions and calls to stop it. Everything we have achieved so far to bring the fight to this point has only come from everyday citizens making the effort to send emails and make calls. Now’s not the time to coast to the finish line, but to fight even harder to the very end, which will give us the very best chance to defeat this. Let’s melt down Canberra’s phone lines!

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