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Mobilise to demand Albanese action, not words, on Assange NOW!

- Citizens Party Media Release

The latest UK Court ruling on Assange is an opportunity for Australians to bombard politicians with calls and emails demanding action before 16 April—details below.

The United Kingdom Court handling the Assange extradition case has conditionally granted Julian Assange leave to appeal, unless the US government provides certain assurances by 16 April.

This ruling proves how politicised Assange’s case is, contradicting Anthony Albanese and Penny Wong’s claims that the UK cannot interfere in the supposedly “independent” judicial process: essentially, the Court is acknowledging the arguments are in Assange’s favour, but it is twisting itself in knots to accommodate the agenda of the UK's and Australia’s big powerful ally.

However, the ruling opens a window of opportunity for Australians to mobilise intensely before 16 April to demand Albanese and Wong finally take decisive action, not just “express views”, to insist the US drop the charges and/or the UK let Assange go.

Between now and 16 April—and preferably this week and next week—call and email 12 Labor Party politicians to demand:

  • The Albanese government must intervene decisively in the case NOW;
  • Albanese and Wong use assets of the AUKUS alliance as leverage, such as the hundreds of billions they have committed to pay the US and UK for submarines, to convey the message that unless the US and UK respect Australia’s wishes, those arrangements will be at risk;
  • Unless the Albanese government acts decisively like this, you will put them last when you next vote—after all, what’s the point of a Labor government if it’s so weak it ends up acting like its Liberal predecessors who just bow and scrape before the British and Americans?

Remember, the reason we Australian citizens must mobilise like this is not for Assange personally, as urgent as his personal situation is.

Assange is an emblem, who epitomises the fight of moral citizens against the great evil of governments telling lies to justify permanent wars which has taken control of the self-righteous “democratic” countries like a criminal mafia gang coming into town.

They are punishing Julian Assange both because he ripped their masks off through WikiLeaks, and to terrorise the rest of us into retreating into cowardly silence.

(Australia is doing exactly the same thing to David McBride, assisted by the leading media like ABC, which on Four Corners on Monday night tried to muddy the waters on McBride’s true motivation, to provide cover for Albanese and Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus’s persecution of McBride under fascist national security laws that didn’t allow him to defend himself.)

The UK Court has asked the US government for worthless assurances that Assange will be able to use the USA’s First Amendment guaranteeing free speech as a defence (some US officials have said he should not be able to as he’s not a US citizen), and that he won’t be sentenced to death (they will kill him bureaucratically through their appalling prison system anyway).

If the USA provides those assurances by 16 April, Assange could be on plane the same day, locked into an effective death sentence.

Why would Albanese and Wong advocate more forcefully for Assange when he’s in the US, than they do when he’s in the UK?

We, the Australian people, must force them to muscle up to the USA and UK NOW!

Call and email these 12 politicians this week and next

The following list of 12 politicians is strategic. Besides Anthony Albanese and Penny Wong, who are the ones who must take action, the other 10 are the Labor MPs in the most marginal federal seats, which Albanese must hang on to if he hopes to win again in next year’s election.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t live in these electorates—wherever you are in Australia, email and call them this week and next to demand the action detailed above, with the message that unless they act you will put them last when you vote.

Click here for a PDF list of 12 politicians


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