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14 August 2019
Vol. 21. No 33

Not unlike The Terror of the French Revolution, stoked along by British imperial forces to prevent another American-style republic forming in Europe, today a new Reign of Terror is taking over.

Whether it be terrorism per se, extreme environmental action, colour revolutions or outright war, this chaos is designed to usher in extreme dictatorial measures, including the imposition of police-state measures on every aspect of society already under way.

The Christchurch attack provided a model for a dramatic escalation of “domestic” terrorism using the methods of the British psychological warfare unit the Tavistock Institute, which argues that a “paradigm shift” in the population can be effected through social “turbulence” and engineered “global events”. The CEC uniquely exposed this and warned of the copycat consequences in its April exposé, “The Christchurch massacre: British imperial ‘population control’” and subsequent coverage.

Christchurch killer Brenton Tarrant, who modelled his March attack on the Tavistock-orchestrated event at Port Arthur in 1996, was a self-proclaimed eco-fascist, as was Patrick Crusius, who killed 22 people and injured 24 in El Paso, Texas on 3 August. Crusius supported the goals of Tarrant in his own manifesto, and wrote that people are destroying the environment, “So the next logical step is to decrease the number of people in America using resources. If we can get rid of enough people, then our way of life can become more sustainable.” An attack on a Norway mosque on 10 August was reportedly inspired by both Christchurch and El Paso, the suspect praising the two on internet forums.

It is no coincidence that these anti-human views cohere with the networks behind the radical green protest movement, Extinction Rebellion (XR), which was founded by a user and promoter of psychedelic drugs. XR is funded by the wealthiest people on the planet including investor George Soros, the founder of the Open Society Foundations, which along with US soft-power NGO the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) has sponsored numerous Colour Revolutions to dislodge or destabilise uncooperative governments, the latest being Hong Kong.

The mastermind of this method is the American professor and founder of the Albert Einstein Institution, Gene Sharp, who wrote the playbooks for Colour Revolutions, with funding from the NED and Soros, The Politics of Nonviolent Action (1973), and From Dictatorship to Democracy: A Conceptual Framework for Liberation (1993). Sharp’s methods were used in Tiananmen Square, where he personally played a role, and are being used again today in Hong Kong. Unsurprisingly, XR follows the same methods, and is currently promoting a 2011 documentary about Gene Sharp, titled “How to start a revolution”.

The extremes of the green movement reveal a philosophy not so distant from the wishes of Tarrant and Crusius to depopulate the planet by any means necessary. “Fridays for Future” leader Greta Thunberg met on 10 August with German eco-terrorists responsible for blockades and acts of sabotage against infrastructure, to plan more radical actions leading up to the international day of action on 20 September. Reports circulated in March that a group of European youth pledged to commit suicide if governments did not take action to solve so-called climate change within the next thirteen years. At what point does killing yourself or killing others become acceptable on this slippery slope to “saving the planet”?

The insane drive for war against China, with provocations building by the day, and for permanent war across the globe, is part of the same agenda, ultimately aimed at maintaining the control of the imperial Wall Street-City of London apparatus as its financial system collapses.

This entire interlinked operation is an indicator like no other, that the global financial blowout we have been expecting is very close. Our campaign to crush the bail-in/cash-ban agenda is crucial. It will stymie the police-state drive and provide the platform to pass our legislation to reform the financial and economic system and restore the freedoms we once enjoyed.

In this issue:

  • Be afraid of British maniacs behind Andrew Hastie, not China
  • Big auditors under spotlight, but corruption won’t end without regulatory overhaul
  • Don’t let MPs betray your right to use cash to elites!
  • Is self-regulation dead, Mr Byres?
  • Sample submissions to Treasury on the cash ban
  • ‘Currency manipulation’ furphy a distraction from real crisis
  • Is China’s banking system in trouble?
  • Ebola: World health emergency
  • The deadly Ebola virus
  • Latest shootings: ‘Christchurch’ civil war scenario in the USA
  • Beware bankers’ Extinction Rebellion
  • Treasury’s cash ban fuels population’s rage!
  • Restore the cause for optimism
  • ALMANAC: Reform of the banks and the wider finance sector

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