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Post Bank—the secret to Japan’s economic sovereignty and success

Daisuke Kotegawa Citizens Insight transcript 8 February 2021

The Citizens Party’s policy of an Australia Post bank has many precedents in history and around the world. For information on the biggest and most successful postal bank in the world, Japan Bost Bank, on 8 February Citizens Party Research Director Robert Barwick interviewed the former deputy director of Japan’s Ministry of Finance, Daisuke Kotegawa, for the Citizens Insight program.

Robert Barwick interviewing Daisuke Kotegawa for Citizens Insight.

Robert Barwick: Welcome to Citizens Insight, the Citizens Party's interview series on matters of national and international importance. Today we're going to be talking about the great postal banking success, Japan Post Bank. And my special guest is Mr Daisuke Kotegawa, who is the research director of the Canon Institute for Global Studies in Japan. He is the former deputy director of the Ministry of Finance in Japan, and Japan's former representative to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). And I had the pleasure of accompanying Daisuke in 2014 to Canberra, to our Parliament House, to meet members of Parliament to discuss an issue on which Daisuke is an expert, which is the importance of the Glass-Steagall separation of the banking system. And that was an interesting few days we had in Canberra. ...

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