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Stop the British Crown plot to crush Australia's unions

Rio Tinto's campaign to smash trade unions in Australia has to be seen in the context of what Rio Tinto is: the leading company in the British Crown's global raw materials cartel. As the financial crash has intensified, the British oligarchy has used its companies like Rio Tinto (in which Queen Elizabeth is the largest non-institutional shareholder) to increase its economic power through the control of raw materials.

Standing in its way is national sovereignty, and national institutions like organised labour. STOP the Queen's company from using its octopus-like network of control over Australia's business and political life to smash our unions.

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Part I.

The Crown's plot to crush our unions

1. The Command Centre: The Mont Pelerin Society

Drugs and privatisation
The end of the nation-state
Revolution by think-tank: Mont Pelerin comes to Australia
Lord Harris: "You have to smash the unions!"
Mont Pelerin's policies arefascist

2. A case study: The NFF/HR Nicholls plot to crush the MUA

The NFF: "No Family Farms"
P&C Stevedores: "Permanent and Casuals" scab labour
Liberal Party ties to London
The grey eminence: Rio Tinto

3. Rio Tinto: Her Majesty's Merchant-Adventurers

The power of the Crown
Rio Tinto's origins: the dope trade in China
Working for the Crown and MI6
Target: Australia
Rio Tinto's corporate control
The Rio Tinto kindergarten
Rio's men assault labour

4. Zombies for the Crown

Her Majesty's brainwashing centre: The Tavistock Institute
Tavistock comes to the Australian coalfields
The psychological problems of the Australian trade union movement

5. A Strategic Plan for Victory: The New Bretton Woods Monetary System

LaRouche on the New Bretton Woods
A new national bank

Appendix A. The Crown's Australian assets and the war against labour
Appendix B. The current board of Rio Tinto
Appendix C. LaRouche: British intelligence attacks the CEC
Appendix D. Flow chart: The Rio Tinto Octopus


Part II.

 The Rise and Fall of Australia

 The British Crown's assault against the Commonwealth


Australia needs a true, not a "banana" Republic
At the crossroads
LaRouche: What is the British Monarchy?

1. A new Nation is born

Our republican tradition
"A self-governing colony"
Britain prepares for World War I

2. Labour versus the "Money Power": The battle for the Commonwealth Bank

King O'Malley founds the Commonwealth Bank
Frank Anstey fights the "Money Power"
The British assault the Commonwealth Bank
The Crown sends out the bailiff
Jack Lang: A debt moratorium against the British

3. WWII: British treachery in the Pacific

The Brisbane Line
Curtin against Churchill
Curtin and MacArthur turn the tide

4. The destruction of the Labor Party after the war

Plans for post war Dr. J.J. C. Bradfield: "Australia needs vision"
The post war reconstruction of Australia
Communists and bankers drive Labor from power
Prince Philip creates the "green" and "Aboriginal land rights" movements
Whitlam: "Buying back the farm" Her Majesty's knights of the realm
Malcolm Turnbull's republic: Another Crown plot against Australia?


Appendix A: Jack Lang on the City of London
Appendix B: The Australian Ideology