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Plunging towards World War III: The Made-in-London ‘Temple Mount’ Plot behind the Israel-Hamas War

This dossier collects research and warnings made 24 years ago, that high-level British establishment figures were inciting a religious war between Israel and the Palestinians. The focus is the Temple Mount (al-Haram ash-Sharif) in Jerusalem, the site of Islamic holy sites where Jewish radicals and literalist Christians want to rebuild King Solomon’s Temple. That “Temple Mount Plot” has now born terrible fruit: the role of provocations on the Temple Mount in triggering the Israel-Hamas war and the Israeli military’s current slaughter of civilians in Gaza is no secret. The dossier, however, lays bare the deeper springs of this war, and the danger of its exploding into World War III—an eschatological, or “End Times”, ideology on the part of both the would-be Third Temple builders, and of their higher-up patrons and instigators. 

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We are making available a dossier of articles, from our archive and more recent ones from the Australian Alert Service, on the “Temple Mount plot” to destroy the Islamic shrines in Jerusalem and re-build King Solomon’s temple in their place.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz has pointed to deliberate desecrations of the al-Aqsa Mosque on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount (al-Haram ash-Sharif, or “Noble Sanctuary”, in Arabic) as a trigger for the Israel-Hamas war, in which the Israeli military’s reprisal for the October 7 attack involves slaughtering thousands of civilians in Gaza. The Times of Israel editorialised that Itamar Ben-Gvir, national security minister in the Netanyahu government, was “a provocateur and a pyromaniac” for his role in them. 

A few observers have spoken about a deeper part of what drives the people, in Israel and abroad, who promote those provocations: their eschatological, or “end-of-the-world”, ideology. Retired British intelligence officer Alastair Crooke emphasises that Netanyahu sees the fight to clear Palestinians out of Gaza and the West Bank as “a great metaphysical playing out of history, [which] he sees in grand terms”. Yet, Crooke added, the result of Netanyahu’s intended further expansion of the war, to take on Iran, would be that Israel itself “will not exist”. 

Our dossier includes excerpts from “Who is sparking religious war in the Middle East?”, a December 2000 special report published by EIR News Service. AAS researchers contributed to that investigation of the Temple Mount plot, unfolding at the hands of UK-centred networks who already then were attempting to unleash Armageddon, beginning in the Middle East but inevitably engulfing the whole world. Today, the same actors as identified in that report, including Netanyahu, are still driving us all towards oblivion. Studying the findings of the earlier research will be a help to all human beings of good will, in seeking a way out of the current crisis. 

The excerpted special report came out nine months before the terror attacks on 11 September 2001 (“9/11”) and just over two years before the American-led invasion of Iraq re-inflamed the Middle East. Those events set the stage for the seizure of power over US foreign policy by the clique of British-groomed neo-imperialists called the “neocons”. When we look into the careers of the “neoconservative” gurus—like The End of History author Francis Fukuyama—who trained the present generation of small-minded, but fanatical neocons like US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, we ask: Although these people do not appear to be religious, unlike the fundamentalist rabbis of the West Bank and Jerusalem or the supposedly Christian “End Timers” in the US Congress, do neocons like Blinken et al. not share the same apocalyptic, “End Times” philosophy as their Netanyahu-led collaborators

The 2000 report’s introduction concluded, “In addition to the exposé, there is another crucial aspect to what must be done. A positive policy for bringing together the sane forces in the region must be understood and promoted. Thus, on an optimistic note, we … republish EIR’s November 2000 story on the networks of David Ben Gurion, the current in Israeli political life which must be brought to the fore if peace is to be achieved. In addition, we present a summary of the Oasis Plan, a programmatic solution to the Mideast crisis, put forward by American economist Lyndon LaRouche for more than 25 years”. 

Table of Contents

Introduction: Plunging towards World War III: The Made-in-London ‘Temple Mount’ Plot behind the Israel-Hamas War

Excerpts from the EIR Special Report (Dec. 2000)
Who Is Sparking a Religious War in the Middle East? —And How to Stop It

From the Original Letter of Transmittal “Why We Publish This Report”

The Overview: Temple Mount Fanatics Foment a New Thirty Years’ War
The British-managed Riots in Palestine
Quatuor Coronati, Satanism and the British Occult Bureau
The Cabala: Gnosticism, Freemasonry, and Religious War
Insane Fundamentalists in USA Seek World War: The Case of Randall Price

The Mechanisms
The Cabala, the Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva and the Fundamentalisation of Israel
The War against Moses, Christ, and Mohammad: The British Crown and Freemasonry
The Legacy of Britain’s John Nelson Darby: The 'Fighting Fundies' and the Temple Mount
The Freemasons and the Fundies: Cabalists at the Top, Cabalists at the Bottom
British Israelites and Empire
Darbyism in Israel: Ariel Sharon
Rothschild Family-sponsored Temple Mount Digs
The Palestine Exploration Fund
Biblical Archaeology Society: From Child Sacrifice to Religious War
CFR Forecast Temple Mount Bloodbath

Interviews with Insiders
Seventh Marquess of Northampton, Spencer Douglas David Compton
Professor Giuliano Di Bernardo
Other Interviews

The Better Way
LaRouche’s Oasis Plan: Man-made Rivers and Growth Corridors to Span the Deserts
Revive Ben Gurion’s Legacy to Defeat Saboteurs of Peace
Moses Mendelssohn, Ben Gurion, and the Peace Process: A Lesson in Statecraft

New Speaker of the House allied with extreme warmongers in Israel (2023)

Ledeen’s Beloved ‘Universal Fascism’ (2005)

Slain Israeli PM Gen. Yitzhak Rabin on ‘The courage to change axioms’

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