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Two decades of ‘post-9/11’

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Lead Editorial

8 September 2021
Vol. 23. No. 36

The world changed forever 20 years ago this week, when time was permanently divided into pre-9/11 and post-9/11. Two decades on, we are paying the price for having governments in the USA, UK, Australia and elsewhere that seized on 9/11 to advance strategic agendas that have made the world more dangerous.

The great lie of 9/11 was that murderous extremists attacked the United States, in what was the beginning of a wave of attacks on the USA and its allies, including Australia, because they despised “our way of life”. Governments still repeat this lie when it’s convenient (China has recently overtaken Muslims as the convenient object of hatred), although the truth is well documented: we, as in the Anglo-American intelligence and military establishment, deliberately created the extremists as a strategy to destabilise Russia and China called the Arc of Crisis, the brainchild of British imperial schemer Bernard Lewis. The attack on 9/11 was when the terrorists that our side created attacked us, but it wasn’t simply “blowback”; it was much worse. However the 9/11 attack was specifically pulled off, the campaign (involving the Citizens Party) which forced Barack Obama in 2016 to declassify the long covered-up “28 pages” of the 2002 US Congressional Joint 9/11 report, exposed that the identified terrorists received support from members of the Saudi royal family who were intimately connected into the highest levels of the US and British establishments (p. 12). In other words, 9/11 was when elements of the Anglo-American elite turned their terrorism agenda against their own.

The two immediate consequences of 9/11 were never-ending wars abroad, and fascist police states at home. Before the dust had cleared from New York City, the neoconservatives in the Bush-Cheney administration had set their Iraq war agenda in motion. A 1 September 2021 study by the Cost of War Project at Brown University in the US State of Rhode Island calculates the subsequent 20 years of war have cost the USA $8 trillion and 900,000 lives (although the actual loss of life may be much higher). While President Joe Biden has now withdrawn the USA from Afghanistan, US forces are still in Syria illegally, the remnants of a failed regime change agenda, where they are stopping Syria from fully defeating ISIS and rebuilding their country.

The domestic fascist police state agenda has been a juggernaut. Starting with the US Patriot Act, and Australian Prime Minister John Howard’s suite of seven anti-terrorism laws in 2002, the takedown of civil liberties on the pretext of national security has continued unabated. In the USA it led to the revelations of whistleblowers William Binney and Edward Snowden. In Australia, the Citizens Party (then CEC) waged a powerful battle against the police state laws in 2002, forcing a shift in the opposition Labor Party under Simon Crean which temporarily stopped the worst of them, including the law to turn the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) into effectively a secret police force. Labor’s opposition collapsed when Mark Latham replaced Simon Crean in 2003 and cut a backroom deal with Howard, and since then Labor has rolled over on every new law to expand domestic surveillance and the power of ASIO. The most recent law, the Surveillance Legislation Amendment (Identify and Disrupt) Act 2021, is no exception: Labor criticised almost everything about this law that allows the Australian Federal Police to interfere with computer systems to disrupt serious potential crimes (but as usual is broadly worded in a way that is open to abuse), yet they waved it through anyway.

Now, in 2021, the disastrous “war on terror” has given way to even more disastrous nuclear brinkmanship against China and Russia, and the same neoconservatives who lied us into the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria are lying us into a war on China. It’s up to we, the people, to see through the lies, and stop the agenda.

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