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CITIZENS INSIGHT - Veteran Australian Diplomat John Lander speaks out against war danger (Part Two)

Veteran Australian Diplomat speaks out against war danger (Part Two)

Interview with John Lander, Former Deputy Ambassador to China (1974-76); former Ambassador to Iran (1985–87)
Hosted by Robert Barwick, Research Director of the Australian Citizens Party
Links featured in this show:
  1. Interview with John Lander (Part One) –
  2. 'The most remarkable aspect of Western attacks on China over Xinjiang is the unabashed hypocrisy' –
  3. 'The Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s Uyghurs for Sale Report: Scholarly Analysis or Strategic Disinformation?' –
  4. 'ASPI trades Iraq War Criminal for new-age techno-spook' Australian Alert Service 27 April 2022 –
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9 May 2022
Foreign Policy
Police state
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