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CITIZENS INSIGHT – The Aussie woman scaring the Western Propaganda Machine – Jaq James

The Aussie woman scaring the Western Propaganda Machine

Interview with Jaq James, AMus, LLB (Hons), GDLP, MPP, MEd
Hosted by Robert Barwick, Research Director of the Australian Citizens Party

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In an exclusive first interview, Jacqueline (Jaq) James, socio-legal research consultant and author of the world famous Co-West-Pro legal analysis that comprehensively debunked the Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s 2020 “Uyghurs for Sale” report, reveals to Citizens Insight:
* the insights she gained as an Australian working in China, including at a People’s Liberation Army language school, which contradicted the assumptions she had about China, assumptions which most Australians and Westerner share;
* her personal experience with Western propaganda which led her to establish Co-West-Pro (Countering Western Propaganda) Consultancy; and
* her systematic legal approach to evaluating ASPI’s forced labour allegations, from which she proved that ASPI did not show evidence for the claims that were used around the world to pressure companies to fire their Uyghur workers.

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22 Sep 2022
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