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CITIZENS INSIGHT – Robbie Katter & Robbie Barwick – Why we need the Commonwealth Postal Savings Bank

Don’t miss this special co-production of KAPcast and Citizens Insight! Queensland Member of Parliament and leader of the Katter Australia Party (KAP) Robbie Katter invited Australian Citizens Party (ACP) Research Director Robbie Barwick onto KAPcast to discuss why Australia needs the Commonwealth Postal Savings Bank, which is the name of the bill that Bob Katter Sr. is preparing to introduce into federal Parliament. Robbie Katter vividly describes the economic conditions on the ground in his vast Western Queensland electorate that is crying out for the public investment that a government post office bank could provide. Robbie Barwick shares his years of research knowledge of public banking to confirm that a postal ban is the answer Australia needs. Both KAP and ACP are sharing this discussion on their respective KAPcast and Citizens Insight platforms to increase the viewership to share these insights as widely as possible. Please watch and share!

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Discussion with Robbie Katter, Member for Traeger - Queensland State Parliament, and
Robbie Barwick, Research Director of the Australian Citizens Party

2 Nov 2022
Banking / Finance
Postal Savings Bank
National Banking
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