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CITIZENS INSIGHT – Lance Endersbee (1925-2009) – An engineering great: 'Get on with it'

An engineering great: ‘Get on with it’ - Integrated national economic development

A compilation of highlights taken from video presentations given by the late Emeritus Professor Lance Endersbee (1925-2009), covering the economy, development, infrastructure, national rail and water diversion projects, and the current impediments we must overcome to realise Australia's economic development.

With the release of this special episode of CITIZENS INSIGHT, we also release, in full, all of Endersbee's presentations given to the Citizens Party from 1997-2009, which we have digitised. View them on our YouTube channel here: Lance Endersbee Playlist

To purchase a copy of Professor Lance Endersbee's book, A Voyage of Discovery, visit our online store here.

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17 Sep 2020
Economy / Trade
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