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Albo & ScoMo – the Bail-in Beagle Boys stealing your deposits? / Australia’s physical economy is collapsing!

1.    Albo & ScoMo – the Bail-in Beagle Boys stealing your deposits?
2.    Australia’s physical economy is collapsing!
Presented by Robert Barwick and Jeremy Beck

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Sign the Petition to stop Bail-in!:
Join the campaign to pass the Bail-in Amendment:

Mobilise Senators to pass the Banking Amendment (Deposits) Bill 2020:
All Senator contact details can be gathered from this link(focus on Labor):

Be sure to contact these three specifically:
Stephen Jones:
Electorate: (02) 4297 2285, Parliament: (02) 6277 4661

Anthony Albanese:
Electorate: (02) 9564 3588, Parliament: (02) 6277 4022

Richard Marles:
Electorate: (03) 5221 3033, Parliament: (02) 6277 4330

21 Nov 2020
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