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Taking on the banks: The truth about the Australia Post Cartier watches affair

Did you ever wonder why a Prime Minister who presides over a government that is up to its neck in multi-billion dollar backroom deals with mates and multinational corporations would go ballistic in Parliament over $20,000 worth of Cartier watches? This video exposes why. It lays bare the bankers’ agenda behind the framing of Christine Holgate and the Australia Post Cartier watches affair, and details the win-win solution of an Australia Post bank, which the banking monopoly hates, but which would provide financial services and security to all Australians and fuel Australia’s economic development.
Sign the Petition to create an Australia Post Bank!:

Call and email your MPs and Senators to demand they retract the baseless attack on Christine Holgate and reinstate her as CEO of Australia Post.

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19 Feb 2021
Banking / Finance
National Banking
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