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BUILD the BRADFIELD SCHEME! – Barnaby Joyce: an infrastructure phony? or fair-dinkum?

It is time for Australia to build water projects that will control and reduce flooding and make vast areas of our inland territory drought proof.

The Bradfield Scheme is a huge project that would capture excess water in the northern and eastern parts of Queensland and bring it south and west over the Great Divide.

In 2019, Barnaby Joyce aggressively championed the Bradfield scheme. At the time, he was a lowly backbencher but was an enthusiastic supporter of the Bradfield Scheme.

Yet, now that he’s become Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce has been strangely silent on this question.  For the sake of our nation, it is vital and urgent that Mr. Joyce regain his voice on this issue.

It is long overdue that Australia implements common sense water control methods, beginning with building this crucial infrastructure project: The BRADFIELD SCHEME. Let's not suffer another day of drought without taking action to implement such solutions. The only way Australia will get out of this economic crisis is to build the infrastructure that will support the manufacturing and agricultural industries we need to become a productive economy again. With a national infrastructure bank we can do this very quickly and create more than 1.5 million productive industrial jobs in the process.

Every Australian leader should support this idea.

Please watch this short explanation of a national development bank and sign the petition.

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2 Feb 2022
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