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It's time to lift the ban on nuclear power in Australia!

Nuclear power is the safest, cleanest, and most reliable form of electricity known to humankind. Whether you are concerned about radiation exposure, environment impact or the safety of reactors, the record of decades of nuclear power use conclusively demonstrates that the technology beats out all alternative forms of power generation.

Now with economic crises building on every front, from increasing signs of impending financial crash, to fires/floods wiping out whole towns and infrastructure, the War in the Ukraine leading to unstable energy prices (not to mention economic drain on countries involved in the fighting), there has never been a more urgent impetus to modernise and rethink the way we view economics and the essential role that nuclear power and the broader industries connected with it, must play in a renewed and expanding real economy.

It is time to lift the ban on nuclear power production in Australia.

Sign the petition to lift the ban on nuclear power in Australia!:

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21 Mar 2022
Energy & Resources
National Banking
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