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Stop the WAR ON CASH!

The big banks and fintech companies have declared war on cash. It’s time for us to push back.
The Big Four Banks want to eliminate cash.
No cash means they can take a cut of every transaction.
It represents a massive transfer of power to a financial oligarchy.
They can monitor every transaction you make, harvest that data, and sell it for enormous profits to advertisers.
First the Big Four banks and fintech companies tried to use their sock puppets in Parliament to pass legislation in 2020 to ban cash purchases over $10,000.
The Citizens Party and key collaborators mobilized Australians against the cash ban.
We succeeded. The cash ban legislation was defeated.
Now the banks are ripping out ATMs, shutting down branches, and instructing some of their branches not to accept cash deposits!
They’re trying to ban cash by simply making it inaccessible.

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Sign the petition to create an Australia Post People's Bank as a solution to this crisis:

28 Jul 2023
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