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With friends like these… Allies profit from Australia’s war-drive

Have you noticed that Australia’s allies are profiting from China’s trade bans? When you compare various Australian exports such as thermal coal to China over the last two years. You can see, many of Australia’s exports to China go way down, even to zero. Whereas the exports from the US and Canada for the same commodities have skyrocketed in the last two years. Kind of makes you feel like we’re being played for suckers, doesn’t it? So why is this happening? One thing you can be sure of: it has very little to do with what you’ve heard in the media. In this video we highlight the true consequences of Australia’s strategic approach to China, in concert with our so-called allies, whilst pointing out that China’s economic policies on development, formally our policies, are a necessary change in direction that Australia needs to adopt now. Let’s learn from history. Jealousy and geopolitics among great powers is not what causes progress. Sound economic policy that increases the productive capacity of the nation and reduces poverty is what moves mankind forward. The Citizens Party is calling for Australia to establish a national development bank. Such a bank would create more than 1.5 million industrial jobs in Australia and return us to the nation building tradition we so urgently need. Please join us in demanding this outlook. It’s urgent to intervene before the rhetoric leads to the insanity of war. Sign the petition to establish a national development bank!:

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4 Nov 2021
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