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Whoever wins US election, fight the drive for war!

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Lead Editorial

28 October 2020
Vol. 22. No. 43

Australia’s immediate interest in the outcome of the US presidential election is whether it will push us closer to war with China. The election has fuelled a poisonous attitude towards China in the USA, which certain Australian agitators have capitalised on to deliberately sabotage Australia’s relationship with its biggest trading partner. The current trajectory is leading to war, which would be catastrophic for the world.

As things stand, it’s not so much who wins the election that will determine whether there is war or not, but whether having the election over will de-escalate the tension. Donald Trump and Joe Biden have sought to outdo each other in their China-bashing, reflecting the fact that both are largely captured by the transnational Anglo-American “war party”—the Five Eyes intelligence agencies, military zealots, think tanks, private security contractors, weapons manufacturers etc. who control foreign and defence policy in the USA, UK, and Australia irrespective of which party is in power. Donald Trump in 2016 campaigned against this war party, and he still insists he is against their permanent war agenda, but he surrounded himself with warmongers such as Mike Pompeo, John Bolton and Peter Navarro who ensured he didn’t end the wars in Afghanistan and Syria, and actually escalated tensions with China and Russia.

(That said, occasionally there are still glimmers of hope. Odious war criminal John Bolton has again attacked Trump over China, complaining to vicious anti-China Australian journalist Peter Hartcher in the 27 October Sydney Morning Herald: “If Xi calls him after the election and says ‘Congratulations on your victory and we think you’re a great guy’, Trump’s perfectly capable of doing a 180-degree turn. He could reverse his China policy in a heartbeat if he thought the ‘big deal’ with China was once again possible.”)

The Citizens Party has intervened forcefully this year to stop the drive for war with China, which has had a major impact in Canberra. Richard Bardon and Melissa Harrison have written a series of devastating AAS exposés of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), the nominally Australian defence think tank funded by foreign governments, including Mike Pompeo’s US State Department, to pump out a relentless stream of dishonest reports—alleging Chinese espionage, cyberattacks, infiltration, Uyghur concentration camps and slave labour—that are the source of most anti-China reporting around the world. Melissa Harrison’s “China narrative” series dug even deeper into the nature of the gang around ASPI, including ASIO and a nest of journalists, academics and politicians, who have led the campaign to align Australia with the most extreme war agenda coming from the USA and UK, with devastating consequences for Australia’s exporters.

These AAS reports have had an impact at the highest levels in Australia, China and the United States. This week, certain Australian foreign policy hacks and journalists reacted to China’s Foreign Ministry citing the Citizens Party’s research to hit back at ASPI’s disinformation: “Australian Citizens Party also published an article to criticise this institution for cooperating with the US and Australian intelligence communities to attack China under the pretext of academics and neutrality”, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said on 23 October, after also citing attacks on ASPI by the Australian Financial Review and former foreign minister Bob Carr. In response, Philip Citowicki, a former advisor to Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, tweeted on 26 October: “Geez cherry picking some niche quotes—wonder which diplomat scrolled through the Australian Citizens Party platform to find that trash.”

Those pushing the China hysteria to align Australia with the war drive have relied on McCarthyite terror of being labelled disloyal to cow opponents into silence. Having fought the evil of regime-change wars for decades, and knowing peace is achievable through cooperative economic development, the Citizens Party refuses to be cowed and has taken their lies head-on. We will always do so and the reaction in Canberra shows we are being effective.

In this week's issue:

  • Whoever wins US election, fight the drive for war!
  • De-banking a weapon in the war on cash
  • The bloody hand of Tony Blair behind UQ China scandal
  • The bloody Blair doctrine
  • ASIO: Australia’s foreign influence peddlers
  • Morrison’s Defence bill is dangerous and unnecessary
  • Policy rethink needed for Australia food bowl
  • Chinese economy a model, not a ‘miracle’
  • Financial smoke and mirrors won’t stop a crisis
  • Twenty years of pandemic warnings were ignored
  • Bail-in law: Adequate fir whom?
  • Curtin: ‘Banking is more than mere finance’
  • Defeat Money Power with revolution in method

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