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21 August 2019
Vol. 21. No 34

One Nation and Bob Katter have come out swinging against the Morrison government’s cash ban, forcing an explosion of coverage in the mainstream media.

News radio poll
News radio poll results: No!

ABC News’s 20 August article, “Paying more than $10,000 in cash could make you a criminal under proposed law”, cited numerous stakeholders demanding the government withdraw the law. ABC contacted MPs to determine their position on the Currency (Restrictions on the Use of Cash) Bill, adding to the heat bearing down on them from the population. Labor’s Shadow Assistant Treasurer Stephen Jones made the contemptible statement that the bar for the party to vote against the proposed law was “very, very high”. This is the pathetic party that helped turn Australia into a police state, because they were too gutless to oppose the laws currently being used against journalists and whistleblowers who have exposed the truth about intelligence agencies spying on the population, and bank criminality. Labor always expressed “concern” about the loss of civil liberties, but always voted yes, and are set to do so again, unless we stop them.

ABC reported that the government is planning a “black economy hotline” to dob in people using cash. Professional accounting body CPA Australia expressed concern that the law could reverse the onus of proof, meaning people would have to prove they were not using cash for criminal pursuits. The bill, it said, “significantly increases the power of government agencies to investigate and prosecute people for an action, without needing to demonstrate the commission of what would normally be considered a criminal act, nor the intent to commit such an act”. The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry registered opposition, saying “This policy will do little to nothing to inhibit black market or illegal activity.” Even the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) called the cash restriction “Orwellian”.

Economist John Adams was all over the media on 20 August, interviewed by ABC News, ABC radio in Perth and Adelaide, and ABC News 24 TV. An ABC News Radio poll on the cash ban registered 97 per cent opposition, with over 4,000 people voting. Coverage has also appeared in the Newcastle Herald, the UK Daily Mail,, the Courier Mail, and on Sky News and 2GB radio. The CEC has launched a petition, “Stop Scott Morrison from banning cash to trap Australians in banks!”, which will automatically inundate selected MPs with every signature obtained.

To be clear, the restrictions on the use of cash for a transaction is the minor part of this law. What’s much worse is the intention to trap all citizens into a collapsing private banking system, the guardians of which are planning the biggest bail-out of all time. With quadrillions of dollars of speculative derivatives transactions about to blow, intricately interlinked with the dirty terror-funding, arms and drug money that flows through City of London-Wall Street fostered tax havens, the financial elite is planning desperate measures. Along with regular taxpayer funded bail-outs, these include the elimination of cash, negative interest rates to penalise savers and force more money into the bubble, and stealing the investments and deposits of citizens and institutions through emergency “bail-in” laws. The fascist “national security” laws, of which the cash ban is a subset, empower the government to repress the inevitable public uprising against these measures when they are imposed.

You are the lynchpin in their scheme—if the people do not let them get away with this it will not happen. We must demand and fight for a better system, and not be diverted by lies. For instance, Scott Morrison has just announced Australia will join the action against Iran in the Persian Gulf. While we contribute to another war that will likely kill millions, we demonise China as the supposed threat to the world. Yet China has a Glass-Steagall banking separation to control dangerous speculation, and uses national banking to invest in poverty-alleviating infrastructure. Let’s fight the real evil.

In this issue:

  • Petition: Stop Scott Morrison from banning cash to trap Australians in banks!
  • New Zealand heads into monetary madness to save banks
  • Fake and ineffective regulation
  • Only real economic growth can restore financial stability
  • The City of London’s new green bubble
  • Blood & Gore, take II?
  • The Christchurch Royal Commission: A witting cover-up, or simply a farce?
  • The jailhouse death of Jeffrey Epstein
  • Breakout in cash-ban campaign!
  • Katter labels Cash Bill a ‘danger to our freedom greater than the danger through terrorism’
  • Will Australia get serious about nuclear power?
  • ALMANAC: Xinjiang Province: China rejects all accusations

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