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Lead Editorial

21 September 2022
Vol. 24 No. 38

As long as Australia maintains its sycophantic alliance with our dangerous Anglo-American allies, we are complicit in pushing the world to war. Numerous veteran China watchers, foreign policy experts and retired diplomats in this nation are warning of the immense danger we are putting ourselves in by pursuing our current foreign policy course.

On 17 September the Australian Anti-AUKUS Coalition issued “A Public Call for Peace” in the form of an advertisement in the Saturday Paper (pictured), which will also appear in the 24 Sept. Australian, calling on the government to tell its AUKUS partners it will not assist in a war against China over Taiwan; to sign and ratify the UN Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons; and cancel military expenditure on AUKUS war preparations, including nuclear-propelled submarines. The statement was endorsed (as at 8 Sep.) by 650 individuals and 78 organisations, with signatures still being added.

For a preview of how events could play out if our government does not heed these warnings, look to Ukraine where the proxy war is escalating by the day. It is now an open secret that NATO is playing a hands-on role on the ground, in military training, communications and targeting assistance. Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter, in a 13 September interview with Judge Napolitano, said that with NATO having opened up its training facilities for Ukrainian soldiers, the Armed Forces of Ukraine is now “a NATO army manned by Ukrainians”. The USA is discussing sending longer-range missiles to the country, an idea reportedly opposed by senior Pentagon officials, who rightly fear Russia’s reaction.

On 13 September, a working group on security co-chaired by Ukraine’s Chief of the Presidential Office Andrii Yermak and former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen released a “Kiev Security Compact”, which demands NATO Article 5-type guarantees for Ukraine. This would mean direct deployment of NATO’s full military might on Ukraine’s behalf. Russian Security Council Deputy Chair Dmitry Medvedev denounced the proposal as a “prologue to a third world war”.

Meanwhile, anyone who speaks out against this insanity is added to a “blacklist”, prepared by the Ukrainian Centre for Countering Disinformation for an international roundtable which received funding from the US State Department; it includes numerous associates and colleagues of the Australian Citizens Party, dubbed “information terrorists”. (“Kiev government wildly attacks foreign statesmen, scholars, activists”, AAS, 3 Aug.) Then there is the associated “kill list” of the Ukrainian Myrotvorets (“Peacemaker”) website, which had included Russian television commentator Darya Dugina, assassinated on 20 August on the outskirts of Moscow, and others who have since turned up dead.

The driver of this desperate push to war is the collapsing financial and economic order which underpins the “rulesbased order”. The UK establishment’s Royal United Services Institute ran a 22 August commentary, “The West and the Rest: Where Did It All Go Wrong?”, which despaired that the influence of “liberal democracy” is waning and that “Russia and China are reaping the benefits”.

Indeed, as Western economies spiral into economic breakdown, hyperinflation and a new speculative financial blowout, more nations are orienting to the solutions proposed by the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (p. 5). Deng Hao, secretary-general of the China Centre for SCO Studies, summarised it well when he told the Chinese Daily Global Times that “There are more than 200 countries around the world, the vast majority of which do not follow the US and many are fed up with the selfish and self-serving attitude of the superpower.”

Even nations normally expected to side with Western “democracies” are wavering, with India declining to join the trade pillar of the US-led Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF), which was launched in May to counter China’s influence. It is the only participant in the 14-nation forum (which includes Australia) that didn’t sign on to the group’s trade committments in Los Angeles on 10 September.

It’s time for Australia to demonstrate its independent streak—you will see in this issue, our voice can stall the war plans!

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  • SCO pits ‘Shanghai Spirit’ against geopolitics
  • The Defence Strategic Review and the decline of the US-led western world
  • Open Letter to NZ Prime Minister: Request for Royal Pardon for Assange
  • The US alliance and ‘Asia Pivot’ architects
  • Bush Administration’s ‘Asia guru’ admits Australia can scuttle US plans for war with China
  • Why a government-owned bank?
  • Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower
  • ALMANAC: Delusion and the road to dictatorship - Part II

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