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British imperialists put world war in sight

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Lead Editorial

4 May 2022
Vol. 24 No. 18

After World War II the vision for a new financial and economic framework envisioned by US President Franklin Roosevelt should have allowed all nations to develop and advance, ending colonialism and division. But Roosevelt died, and just under a year later, in March 1946, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill declared “a diplomatic offensive against Soviet Russia” (in the words of FDR’s former Vice President, Henry Wallace), announcing the “Iron Curtain” with US President Harry Truman in Fulton, Missouri. The Soviet Union was excluded from participation in the Marshall Plan to rebuild war-torn Europe, and with the unveiling of the “Truman Doctrine” in March 1947, the Cold War officially began. Wallace, who should have become President when Roosevelt died but had been blocked by the party machine at the 1944 convention from continuing as VP, declared in a speech later that month: “When President Truman proclaims the world-wide conflict between East and West, he is telling the Soviet leaders that we are preparing for eventual war.” If this plan were pursued, said Wallace, the Soviets “will reply by measures to strengthen their position in the event of war. Then the task of keeping the world at peace will pass beyond the power of the common people everywhere who want peace. Certainly, it will not be freedom that will be victorious in this struggle.”

The moment of decision has arrived. In a 29 April speech at Mansion House, across the street from the Bank of England in the centre of the City of London, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss declared that “the war in Ukraine is our war”. (Emphasis added.) The Brits are ramping up supply of weaponry, she said, “doubling down” on Russia (p.6). As is the USA (p. 9).

Truss declared a new approach to global affairs “that melds hard security and economic security”—as reflected in the economic sanctions levelled at Russia—which must also be applied “to the threats that are emerging beyond Ukraine”. Playing up the “geopolitical power of economics”, she said that “Access to the global economy must depend on playing by the rules” and that “Russia’s pass has been rescinded.” Invoking Anglo-American control over the world order, she added: “Countries must play by the rules. And that includes China.”

“We need a global NATO”, Truss said bluntly, then claimed she did not mean an extension of NATO membership—just as was claimed at the end of the Cold War, the breach of which triggered Russia’s intervention in Ukraine. “I mean”, she continued, “that NATO must have a global outlook, ready to tackle global threats. We need to preempt threats in the Indo-Pacific, working with our allies like Japan and Australia to ensure the Pacific is protected. And we must ensure that democracies like Taiwan are able to defend themselves.”

Partnerships like the G7 (which “should act as an economic NATO”), the Commonwealth, AUKUS and the Five Eyes (centred in the US-UK special relationship started by Churchill and Truman) are crucial, and will be supplemented by a “network of partnerships stretching around the world”, as envisioned by the Global Britain program but which she now dubbed the “Network of Liberty”.

“Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen”, Truss concluded, “geopolitics is back.”

This slide into world war can still be stopped. Politicians and other decision-makers are just people. They are influenced by ideas, many of which are pushed upon them. Often they are convinced by lies and dangerous ideologies, but there is nothing more powerful than the truth in a time of crisis. Clear solutions with historical precedent, presented by citizens without any vested interest other than their future, can be adopted in an instant. In this battle of ideas our role, combatting the lies of establishment think tanks and agencies, is crucial. Educating every citizen, politician, adviser, academic, community leader—one-by-one if necessary—is how we will win. The trenches of this fight are the minds of all Australians.

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