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Christine Holgate and The Australia Post Senate Inquiry

Christine Holgate and The Australia Post Senate Inquiry

The Senate’s Australia Post inquiry report, tabled in Parliament on 15 June 2021, was the culmination of the amazing campaign to support Christine Holgate and the thousands of Licensed Post Offices (LPOs) she saved with her 2018 banking deal. That campaign brought home the need for a permanent solution to secure the long-term viability of LPOs and guarantee banking services for all Australians, which is a post office “people’s bank”.

As a result of the pressure brought to bear on Australia's elected officials by concerned and active citizens, much of which was generated by the Citizens Party's campaign, we had a fantastic breakthrough: the Senate has conducted an inquiry into Australia Post and the circumstances surrounding the ouster of Christine Holgate!

26 Feb 2021 - Citizens Report - Senate inquiry into Australia Post fiasco! A triumph of principle over politicsYou can watch a video that covers the events that led to this Inquiry. Senate inquiry into Australia Post fiasco! A triumph of principle over politics

If you prefer a written summary, you can also read our 26 February media release: Massive breakthrough! Pauline Hanson forces Christine Holgate removal scandal to a Senate inquiry

The real agenda

Exposed! The privatisation plot against Australia PostOn the eve of the Senate Inquiry, the Citizens Party uncovered new evidence showing the real agenda behind the ouster of Christine Holgate: the government has been preparing Australia Post for privatisation. Read our in-depth special report: Getting in the way—how Christine Holgate upset a $75 trillion privatisation agenda targeting Australia Post

We have created a 7-minute video that covers the key details of the privatisation plot. Exposed! The privatisation plot against Australia Post

The Senate Inquiry

The Senate Inquiry definitely opened a can of worms for the Morrison government with Christine Holgate’s explosive submission and testimony to the Senate’s Australia Post inquiry confirming the Citizens Party’s original suspicion—the attack that drove her out of Australia Post saved the Big Four banks from her plans to establish a public postal bank. The submission confirms that the government commissioned the secret Boston Consulting Group report it has been hiding from Parliament not just to prepare Australia Post for full or partial privatisation, but to block any moves to turn Australia Post into its own bank.

20210416-citizens-reportYou may have seen some of the coverage in the mainstream media with some coverage making the realisation that this has nothing to do with "bloody watches" and a lot more to do with Ms Holgate's steadfast opposition to any agenda to privatise Australia Post. 16 April 2021 - Citizens Report - Political earthquake! Christine Holgate goes to Canberra

Exposing the lies! The Morrison gang’s dishonest response to Christine HolgateAs the political fallout continued it was clear that Scott Morrison didn’t want to talk about the big issues Christine Holgate exposed in her powerful Senate testimony about his privatisation agenda for Australia Post, so he and his gang tried to revive the original outrage over spending “taxpayers’ money” on Cartier watches.

However, they couldn’t stick to their story without lying, as we show in this short video Exposing the lies! The Morrison gang’s dishonest response to Christine Holgate

As a testament to the success of our campaign to save Australia Post from privatisation and to establish a postal savings bank, during the course of the public hearings, the Citizens Party was mentioned twice by the two most disingenuous senators on the committee, committed to protecting their political party's positions over investigating the truth.

The Citizens Party is deeply offended by the smear of racism and anti-Semitism that two Senators hiding behind parliamentary privilege used to attack the Licensed Post Office Group through guilt by association in the 27 April 2021 Australia Post Senate hearing.

This was a vain, disgusting attempt to undermine the evidence given by both the Licensed Post Office Group and Christine Holgate, to shift the focus onto the Citizens Party. You can read our response to the Senators in our 28 April 2021 Media Release - Hypocritical Senators use privilege to smear courageous Australians.

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