Desperate elite orchestrates global chaos and terror

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This issue of the Australian Alert Service features an indepth analysis of the Christchurch massacre (p. 8). It is accompanied by a special Australian Almanac feature of a reprint of excerpts of the Citizens Electoral Council’s 1997 investigation of the 1996 Port Arthur massacre, which details the methodology of the Tavistock Institute that is evident in both events.

Now we have witnessed another terror attack, this time largely on Christians worshipping in Sri Lanka, on a horrifically greater scale, which is being connected to the Christchurch massacre, ostensibly as revenge for the massacre of Muslims. The attempt to tie Colombo in with Christchurch, presented as a religious war or clash of civilisations, confirms the thesis of our Christchurch feature that these attacks are not the work of “lone wolves” or spontaneously radicalised cells of extremists, but are coordinated as global events, to achieve strategic objectives.

All roads of this inquiry lead back to the Anglo-American elite, and the inner circle of the mostly British financial oligarchy, which have continuously practiced the imperial tactic of divide and conquer to maintain global supremacy. It is well documented how Britain employed this tactic in its colonial possessions, always orchestrating actions by extremists among populations unhappy with British rule, to establish pretexts for military suppression. In the post-World War II era, proven British state deployment of terrorism includes Operation Gladio in post-war Italy and other parts of Europe, and the “troubles” in Northern Ireland. In the Cold War, British orientalist Bernard Lewis conceived of, and advocated, an “arc of crisis” strategy across the underbelly of Eurasia, to stir up religious extremism against the main rivals to Anglo-American power, Russia and China; former US Vice-President Dick Cheney was just one of the American devotees of Lewis and his strategy, and Cheney’s gang of neocons have pursued this strategy in the post-Cold War era.

The USA and UK let the extremist genie out of the bottle in the 1980s by allying with the mujahedeen in Afghanistan, which later morphed into the Saudi-backed al-Qaeda global terrorist network responsible for the 9/11 attack, and from which sprang ISIS in 2014 in Syria and Iraq. Despite the Saudi regime’s documented history of sponsoring these terrorist networks, the highest levels of the British and American establishments, including the Royal Family and the Bush family, have maintained intimate relations with the Saudi royals, while unleashing murderous regime change wars on the secular Middle East and African states that have defied their power, using the same al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorist networks.

This Anglo-American elite faces an existential crisis. Their power is based in their City of London-Wall Street financial empire, which is crumbling under the weight of insane financial gambling in derivatives. Politically, they are facing unprecedented voter revolts all over the world, which are pushing out of power the mainstream “centre” that the elite have long controlled. Brexit, Trump, Italy, and now Ukraine are all examples of public insurrections against politics as usual that have left the elite scrambling to regain control, with varying degrees of success. The amazing progress in the CEC’s fight to separate the banks in Australia is another example of the elite starting to lose control.

Knowing this background, it is a mistake to react to events like Christchurch and Sri Lanka on their own terms. Whatever the delusions of the perpetrators, they operated in networks which are tied back in to the shadowy intelligence agencies through which the elite orchestrate events. The Christchurch shooter left a trail a mile wide, but which intelligence agencies “failed” to detect. The Colombo attackers had reportedly returned from Syria, where they had been fighting with ISIS to overthrow the Assad government—an objective shared by the USA and UK. Both attacks were intended to be what Tavistock terms “global events”, to instigate global religious warfare and create pretexts for more police state powers for the desperate establishment.

In this issue:

•    CEC’s election candidates fight to Stop bail-in — Break up the banks — Rebuild the country
•    Summary submission supporting the Banking System Reform (Separation of Banks) Bill 2019
•    Ridd decision a win for science
•    Australia’s top Antarctica official debunks China ‘militarisation’ scare story
•    The Christchurch massacre: British imperial ‘population control’
•    Senior figures speak up for US-Russia dialogue
•    Glass-Steagall can solve the monetary policy trap
•    Stealing trade secrets, or sharing?
•    ALMANAC: Mass murder in Australia: Tavistock’s Martin Bryant


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