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Keith Kerr - CEC candidate for Calwell

Keith Kerr
CEC candidate for Calwell
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Since being honoured as Citizen of the Year for the Shire of Bulla in 1992, local Craigieburn resident Keith Kerr has devoted his life to work tirelessly with numerous community organisations such as Apex, Rotary, Life Education, the Craigieburn Festival Committee, and others. Keith passionately believes in building better communities, and supporting policies that promote the common good and welfare of people everywhere.

Keith says: “Thirty odd years ago, the government floated the Australian dollar and began deregulating the financial sector. The 1988 credit squeeze was followed by the 1990’s recession that we had to have. In 1996 our government-owned bank, the Commonwealth Bank, having served Australia well for nearly 90 years including two world wars, was sold off. Nearly every other publicly- owned asset has been sold off—usually to foreign buyers. Ten years ago we had the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, and nothing has been done to protect us from a second GFC!

Keith Kerr - CEC Candidate for Calwell - Campaigning at Craigieburn Central
Keith Kerr campaigning at Craigieburn Central

“Families are being smashed by these policies. The nation must be protected, at all costs, from the parasites we have in our society.

“As the Royal Commission has shown, Liberal and Labor protect the criminal bankers and their system. Worse, these major parties have promoted laws to allow your deposits and investments to be stolen through ‘bail-in’ if these same criminal banks get into trouble.

“Since 2013, the CEC has been raising the alarm against moves to steal your savings and deposits, and currently has legislation in the Parliament to protect you against this ‘bail-in’. This banking legislation will restore sane banking policies for our country.”

“I will provide new, alternative policies. I will establish a national bank (like our former Commonwealth Bank) to create a credit-based banking system that would finance the construction of much needed infrastructure projects such as the Bradfield and the Clarence River Scheme to drought-proof this nation creating hundreds of thousands of real jobs. The CEC has all the policies to do this.”

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