Jean Robinson - Citizens Party Senate Candidate for Western Australia

Jean Robinson
Citizens Party Senate Candidate for Western Australia
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I was first introduced to the Australian Citizens Party (formerly CEC) and the ideas of Lyndon LaRouche in 1993. This was a life-changing event, enabling me to make discoveries of universal principles and truths; the lawfulness of our universe; the unique power of mankind as a creative species; LaRouche’s unique discovery of the science of physical economy; the importance of classical art, science, history, beauty, justice and morality. These are all things that make us truly human and develop our minds, so that we as individuals can practise the most important of all the arts—statecraft. This is what is most lacking in our education today, and society in general.

This wonderful new world of ideas resonated deeply with my own cultural and family history. Two generations of my family emigrated from Kenya to the "Lucky Country" Australia in 1963. We fled the devastation imposed on Africa (and other nations) by the British imperial policies of war, free trade looting, genocide and poverty. My husband Wayne and I, along with our three children, have worked hard building our farming enterprise at Kojonup, WA, but with the advent of free trade, we witnessed the deliberate destruction of Australia's family farmers, the nation’s food supply, and our manufacturing industry, and the resulting unpayable debt burden for the industry. The majority of Australians are now enduring a policy of unnecessary fascist austerity as our politicians choose to protect “Too Big to Fail” banks and their ability to loot and destroy the real economy and people’s livelihoods.

Today, the British policy continues under different names: climate change, terrorism, regime change, free trade, privatisation, deregulation, selling off the country, and worst of all, monetisation of our economy imposed through the 1983 political consensus in Australia. The privatising of the last vestige of our public credit system, the Commonwealth Bank, took control of our nation away from the parliament and opened the doors to mass speculation, leading to the inevitable financial crisis about to implode our banking system and housing bubble, bankrupting our now foreign-owned banking system, and imperilling our nation's future.

The drive towards war against China and Russia by Britain, the USA and our government is insane, and is the greatest threat to peace and development for humanity.

I am proud to stand as a candidate for the Australian Citizens Party, the only political movement that represents the common good of all Australians and which has led the fight for 34 years to change the system. Implementing the ACP’s policies will safely unite the nation and develop the potential of the people and our resource-rich country, creating millions of new meaningful jobs.

Our future lies in aligning with nations which have courageously abandoned the failed policy of globalisation, and instead stretched out their hands in friendship and unity for economic development and peace and a new global financial architecture in cooperation with all nations. China’s building of Belt and Road Initiative infrastructure worldwide with public credit, involving more than 100 countries, is the road to true prosperity for all!

Australia and the people have no choice in a time of crisis, except to do what seems impossible—change the system! And it starts with you. I urge you to support me; join the Citizens Party and ennoble your mind with the power of ideas and creativity; inspire your family and friends to do the same. We urgently need a new policy for Australia!!!

Stand-up and be counted. Vote for the ACP and join us now!

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