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4 September 2019
Vol. 21. No 36
Lead Editorial

As displayed in the extreme proposals put forward at the US Federal Reserve’s Jackson Hole gathering (pp. 7, 9), the world is at a turning point which is accelerating the fight to define what a new economic system will look like.

Australia has the 10th smallest black economy in the world.
The government's "black economy" as a pretext for restricting cash exposed! Almost cashless European countries have much bigger black economies than Australia; Japan, the heaviest user of cash in the world, has an even smaller black economy.

Central banks are pushing for full-blown fascism, beyond the wildest dreams of its first champion, Benito Mussolini, or Adolf Hitler, another front-man of the City of London’s drive to establish a trans-Atlantic banking dictatorship via the Bank for International Settlements. The European Union, with its single currency and banking laws, was the establishment’s next experiment, run parallel to the gradual destruction of the international Bretton Woods system including Glass-Steagall bank separation, which allowed financial speculation, dirty money laundering and tax evasion to run wild.

This is why the City of London was only going to let Brexit happen on its terms, if at all. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s heavy-handed tactics could force a backlash that may see Brexit taken off the table entirely. However, if a general election is voted up in the next 24 hours, all bets are off. The policies of Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, including a full inquiry into the City’s banking system, a crackdown on tax havens, a National Investment Bank and “full-blown” GlassSteagall, would be a game-changer for the world.

The central bankers’ push for control over government fiscal policy, i.e. spending and taxes, and the proposal by Bank of England Governor Mark Carney for a world currency administered by a global authority such as the IMF, are a replay of what Franklin Delano Roosevelt defined as fascism—the usurpation of government by a private, unelected power. The push to ban cash is central to this play. With “Retail transactions ... taking place increasingly online rather than on the high street, and through electronic payments over cash”, Carney promoted digital coin as a new reserve currency.

Some are blatant about what this shift will accomplish. The bestselling 1997 book, The Sovereign Individual: Mastering the transition to the information age, by James Dale Davidson and Lord William Rees-Mogg, reviewed 26 August by Consortium News, called for the end of the nation state. With “much of the world’s commerce … migrat[ing] into the new realm of cyberspace”, states the book, the old “nation-state, with all its pretensions, will starve to death as its tax revenues decline”. Both democracy and equality will go with it, the authors delight.

Countries which dare to extend the role of the state are thus demonised, to prevent them from playing a role in building the new financial architecture. Russia and China and their collaborators in the mission to revive productive economies—the industrial remnants of the nation-state era— are at the top of the list. Particularly China, which has strict Glass-Steagall bank separation and utilises national credit for development.

This is why China is the target of the latest Colour Revolution. The escalation of violence and lawlessness in Hong Kong—which no government would tolerate—is reminiscent of Ukraine’s 2014 Maidan uprising (targeting Russia) for a reason. All the same Anglo-American “pro-democracy” networks are running it, to provoke a reaction from China. The mainstream media would never give so much oxygen to an insurrection not controlled by the establishment, as witnessed in the media blackout of the ongoing Yellow Vest protests in France, because they are against Emanuel Macron, a darling of the global elites.

Australia supporting “freedom” for Hongkongers is a fraud, when we refuse to defend Julian Assange; refuse to let harmless Australian-born children and their Tamil parents remain in a welcoming Queensland town; clamp down on media freedom and usher in extraordinary police-state laws; and punish average citizens for crimes committed by banks, their auditors and criminal gangs.

There can be no real freedom until nations defeat the banking dictatorship.

In this issue:

  • Unprecedented blowback against cash ban—Treasury swamped with 4,000+ submissions!
  • Home Affairs to revive ‘D-Notice Committee’ for press self-censorship
  • Josh’s Shark Pool: meet the Treasurer’s tax advisors
  • Cash Restriction is Fascist Policy
  • Bank of England’s Carney channels Keynes
  • Carney courts Facebook
  • Central banks to claim political mandate?
  • How the ‘free market’ co-opts the power of the state
  • R.I.P. Dodd-Frank: Wall Street is unleashed—again
  • Glass-Steagall required: the time for half-steps has ended
  • Will the Government pull the cash ban bill?
  • Notice to Citizens Electoral Council members of an Extraordinary General Meeting
  • Amazon smoke and mirrors

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