Fact check of Bradfield Scheme flawed

RMIT ABC Fact Check made an extraordinary claim that the Bradfield Scheme is a “pie in the sky” proposal that has been discredited by experts. In the last two issues of the Australian Alert Service, Jeremy Beck fact checks the “fact checkers” and discovers a can full of serious errors! In fact, four of Australia’s leading hydraulic engineering firms investigated the Bradfield Scheme in 1984 at the direction of the Queensland State Government. Based on their investigation, this scheme to water inland Australia would have a mere $2.49 billion net capital cost and produce an annual gross revenue (value of production) of $2.02 billion. Clearly, it would pay for itself many times over in the medium to long term, as did the Snowy Mountains Scheme. Designed by Australia’s greatest engineer John Bradfield, who built the Sydney Harbour Bridge among many other grand projects, the Bradfield Scheme would transform vast areas of inland Australia from a dust bowl to an oasis.

What “facts” did RMIT ABC Fact Check get wrong? Find out and read the Bradfield Scheme feature here:

Bradfield Scheme - Fact checking the fact checkers


Page last updated on 15 May 2019