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Morrison rams cash ban through lower House; Senate inquiry is next fight—fire off your submission!

- Citizens Party Media Release

The Morrison government showed its contempt for democracy and parliamentary procedure by ramming its totalitarian cash ban bill through the House of Representatives yesterday, without waiting for the outcome of the Senate inquiry into the bill.

Passing the House is just the first step, however. The real fight was always going to be in the Senate, which the Currency (Restrictions on the Use of Cash) Bill 2019 must pass before it becomes law.

And while the government doesn’t like it, before it is debated in the Senate the bill will be scrutinised by the Senate Economics Legislation Committee inquiry that is taking submissions until 15 November.

The next stage of the fight against this law is to flood that inquiry with submissions that forcefully object to this assault on our freedom to use cash and not have to use banks; on our right to privacy and not to have banks and the government “monitor and measure” all of our financial activities; and to being trapped in banks so we can’t escape extreme policies like negative interest rates and “bail-in”.

Everyone opposed to this law MUST make a submission. It doesn’t matter how long or short it is, how sophisticated or blunt and to the point, we all must register our forceful objection so the inquiry is inundated with submissions and the Senators get the clear message that they must conduct a proper inquiry, whether the government wants it or not.

NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS THE SUBMISSIONS TO TREASURY IN AUGUST! Do not assume if you made a submission then that you’ve already done it. This is a different inquiry, so you need to make another one. If you’d like you can simply re-use your August submission, and submit it to this Senate inquiry.

The quickest way to make a submission is to send an email to, or go to and follow the upload procedure.

Either way, make your voiced heard! And do it today.

Yesterday’s short debate in Parliament proved two things:

  1. The government doesn’t want scrutiny, because the CEC/Citizens Party, John Adams and Martin North, Melissa Harrison and others have already DESTROYED the government’s excuses for this law, namely eliminating the black economy and tax evasion, and proved it is about the IMF’s agenda of trapping us in banks so we can’t escape negative interest rates. The politicians who spoke against the law used our information about negative interest rates and the black economy to justify their opposition.
  2. Even more importantly, engaging with MPs works! All of the emails and phone calls people have made to their MPs are getting the message through. We know there are backbenchers in the Coalition who are speaking out behind the scenes, but we also saw that everyone who spoke on the bill yesterday from the opposition and cross benches emphasised the messages of opposition they received from their constituents. For instance, Andrew Wilkie said: “I’ll start by acknowledging that I’ve been approached by quite a lot of people in the community—not just constituents but people from right around Australia—who have expressed a broad range of concerns with the Currency (Restrictions on the Use of Cash) Bill 2019, so much so that I won’t be supporting it. The sorts of concerns that have been raised by constituents include everything from concern that it’s designed to push people into the clutches of the banks so that they have to engage in the banking system, to concern that it’s an attack on people’s fundamental right to use cash. An interesting line of argument, which I think has some merit, is: if Australia does eventually reach negative interest rates, cash will assume new importance but this bill will diminish the ability of people to use cash.”

So fire off your submission today!

Sign the cash ban petition at

Click here for copies of the new “Fight the totalitarian ban on cash!” flyer to distribute.

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