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Watch explosive new documentary!

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Watch ‘Taking on the banks: the truth about the Australia Post Cartier watches affair’

A new half-hour YouTube documentary lays bare the bankers’ agenda behind the framing of Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate over the purchase of Cartier watches. Australians are used to cheap and hypocritical political theatre from the major parties over supposed “inappropriate spending” and “misuse of taxpayers’ money” that the watches affair was initially presented as, but nobody is surprised to learn there’s another side to this story. Now the Citizens Party has told the full story behind the scandal in this new documentary, which every Australian should watch, and should send to their MPs and Senators and insist they watch it too.

Click here to watch ‘Taking on the banks: the truth about the Australia Post Cartier watches affair

The documentary reveals:

  • PM Scott Morrison’s relationship to the banks;
  • The crimes of the banks exposed at the royal commission, for which they got off “Scott”-free;
  • The disastrous, self-cannibalising management of Australia Post before Christine Holgate became CEO;
  • How Christine Holgate took on the banks to make them pay for Australia Post serving the customers they had abandoned;
  • The view of the 3,000 licensed post offices, who know absolutely how Christine Holgate and her banking deal made a huge difference to Australia Post and their businesses;
  • The way the government rigged the inquiry against her, which nevertheless cleared her anyway;
  • The spineless cowardice of the Liberal Party-stacked board;
  • The growing backlash against the government as the truth has come out;
  • And the big issue—the amazing potential of Australia Post expanding into a public postal bank, for which Christine Holgate proved it is ideally suited, which would transform Australia’s financial system for the better, but which the monopolistic Big Four banks who own the Morrison government will fight “tooth and nail”.

Drawing on interviews with the LPO Group, legal experts, an experienced bank director, and a former top official at Japan’s Ministry of Finance explaining the importance of Japan Post Bank to that country’s post-WWII economic success, this documentary will both infuriate you by exposing how corrupt and dirty politics can be in this country, and inspire you to join in the fight for the win-win solution of a public postal bank.

Watch it today, and share it with everyone you know!

Click here to watch ‘Taking on the banks: the truth about the Australia Post Cartier watches affair

What you can do

To help in the campaign to reinstate Christine Holgate and save Australia Post from the banks and privatisers, email the YouTube link of this video to your local federal MP and your state’s Senators, and call their offices up to ensure they received your email and will watch it, and to tell them to reinstate Christine Holgate. Click on the link below for their contact details—next week they are in Parliament House, so call their Canberra numbers as well as their electorate numbers. Representatives of the Citizens Party and LPO Group were in Canberra this week talking to MPs, and some MPs are planning to take certain actions next week to address this injustice, so all the calls we can generate to MPs in the coming days will be of enormous value.

Click here to sign the petition: An Australia Post ‘people’s bank’—a win-win solution for the nation

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