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After then-Treasurer Scott Morrison announced the $10,000 cash ban in the 2018 budget, his successor Josh Frydenberg estimated to Parliament that the government’s “black economy” interventions, of which the cash ban is one, would bring in an addit
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This media release is an article that was published in the Australian Alert Service on 26 February 2020. Julian Assange’s extradition hearing commenced on 24 February.
  • Police state
Just in time for the financial crisis that is brewing in the global economy, One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts introduced a bill on 27 February to stop the 2018 APRA crisis resolution/“bail-in” law from being used to seize Australians’ deposits.
  • Bail-in
The Labor Party now owns the cash ban law. They have “Albowed” Morrison and the government aside to take charge of the law that, stripped to its essence, will jail Australians for not using banks.
  • Cash Ban
The global market meltdown currently under way is being blamed on coronavirus, but fear of a pandemic is just the trigger, not the cause.
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The demise of Holden is the symbolic end of real manufacturing in Australia, with a whimper not a bang. Australia has fallen hard since the 1960s when manufacturing accounted for more than 25 per cent of the economy.
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