A new turning point, to defeat police-state drive

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11 September 2019
Vol. 21. No 37

Today marks 18 years since a turning point which opened the door to the “brave new world” of secrecy and surveillance, of pre-emptive war and regime change, that we now live in. The preventable “9/11” terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 (p. 13) shifted the psychology of citizens en masse, to provide an opening for embedded imperialist factions to extend Wall Street-City of London hegemony around the globe in an otherwise unimaginable way.

In the early 1990s a cabal in the George H.W. Bush Administration, centred around then-Secretary of Defence Dick Cheney, launched a drive to ensure that no other nation would ever rise as a potential challenger to US supremacy. Following 9/11, Cheney and his conspirators launched an internal coup to transform the US Presidency into a mechanism for dictatorial rule, literally modelled upon the legal formulation that handed Adolf Hitler absolute dictatorial authority in Nazi Germany. The terrorist attack allowed Cheney, as vice president to George “Dubya” Bush, Jr, to bully the Congress into surrendering power to the White House to spy on American citizens; to declare war; and to use “any means necessary” to conduct the war, including overriding international law such as the Geneva Conventions.

The regime-change agenda—to overthrow the leaders of seven nations in five years, including Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran—was rapidly mapped out. It is highly fitting that President Donald Trump has fired his National Security Advisor John Bolton on this anniversary. Bolton made his name driving the regime-change agenda from Dubya and Cheney’s White House.

With a global financial crash bearing down, the timeframe for fortifying the global surveillance state has been stepped up. In Australia we have seen another AFP raid, this time on the home of an Australian Signals Directorate officer, who may be the leaker for News Corp journalist Annika Smethurst’s story revealing Home Affairs’ plans to have ASD spy on Australians. Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton is hyping a scare campaign, warning of deadly new cyber attacks on the nation’s infrastructure, including power stations and transport systems. Outgoing ASIO Director-General Duncan Lewis has warned that cyber attacks, including state-sponsored foreign interference, are a greater threat than terrorism, and suggested the government deploy ASD to “inform, or assist, or be deployed in the extreme in protecting Australians”. (Emphasis added.)

Australians are rebelling against this crackdown, particularly on the economic front. They do not take kindly to having their savings “bailed in” to save criminal banks, nor to being forced into using that banking system without alternative, and monitored in the process. The population has mobilised in record numbers against the bill to ban cash transactions over $10,000, with over 4,000 people protesting in writing to a Treasury inquiry process used to receiving 30-odd submissions.

The banking establishment is preparing its next move to try to quell this uprising. The same Australian Financial Review which was hysterical about the Financial Services Royal Commission and which slammed the CEC for its “fringe fears” about bail-in powers, is now planning a slander of the CEC, in defence of the banks. This will only confirm the veracity of our analysis in the minds of the population: when even journalists are waking up to reality, as seen in the excellent independent reporting of the cash ban by Nassim Khadem at the ABC, Katrina Grace Kelly at the Australian and the coverage on 2GB, the stench of fascism has advanced to a stage where mud-slinging against the whistle-blowers will only expose it more effectively.

A new turning point is here. The anti-cash bill may have been delayed, as it is not yet on the parliamentary agenda, and MPs are indicating they will send it straight to committee for further investigation when it comes up. A defeat of this bill will buy us crucial time to advance our legislation for Glass-Steagall bank separation and national banking, along with our amendment to bail-in laws to exclude deposits, and to audit the Big Four banks.

In this issue:

  • Cash bans turn Australia into financial surveillance state
  • Cash ban and the black economy myth
  • Australia must break from Anglo-American war machine
  • EU set to steal guaranteed deposits for bail-in
  • The big bail-in lie
  • European Union ‘regime change’ in Italy aims to enforce more austerity
  • Russia’s Eastern Economic Forum: cooperation with India, emphasis on technological frontiers
  • Financial expert: end of the line for ‘Western’ financial system
  • Hong Kong radicals seek ‘Maidan’-style regime change
  • Chaos and disruption—the Mussolini model
  • Will Barr end the 9/11 coverup?
  • The Establishment is freaking out; maintain the pressure!
  • Former Liberal Party advisor: Morrison’s ‘Soviet Liberal government unleashes communism for the banks’!
  • ALMANAC: When the United States offered the ‘Belt and Road’ to China – Part I

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