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Glass-Steagall Now!

The London and Wall Street-centred world financial bubble is today far larger than in 2008. To avoid a financial collapse and a likely new world war, we must cancel the bubble: split the "too big to fail" megabanks into speculative investment banks (with no government protection), vs. normal banks which invest in the real economy. The CEC’s new pamphlet, Glass Steagall Now!, tells you exactly how to do it.


Letter of Transmittal

1. Stop the Bail-In/Bail-Out Plot against Australians

2. Joe Hockey: Flunky for London and Wall Street

3. Without Glass-Steagall, Australia's Banks Will Crash

4. The Glass-Steagall Solution

5. Glass-Steagall Legislation Pending in Major Countries

  • The U.S. 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act
  • U.S. Support for Glass-Steagall
  • Europe Debates Glass-Steagall
  • Leading Bankers, Economists, Legislators Call for Glass-Steagall

6. Summary of Draft Legislation for an Australian National Bank

7. The Economic Recovery Program: Great Water Projects, Maglev Rail, Nuclear Fission Power

8. Mankind's Future: Thermonuclear Fusion


A. The Bail-In Plot against Australians: The Evidence

B. The ABC's of Bail-In: What You Must Know

C. Pope Francis vs. the "Free Market": "Thou Shalt Not Kill"

D. The LaRouche Record on the Financial Crisis

E. The Disastrous History of Australia's Banking Deregulation