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To Stop a Near-term Terror Attack, Read the '28 Pages'!

The "28-pages" is the infamous redacted section of the US Joint Congressional Report into the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack in the USA, which exposed the central role of Saudi Arabia. The Anglo-American war party and its allies in nations like Australia knew the contents of these pages before they launched their war on Iraq, which unleashed chaos across the Middle East.

The pages remained secret for 14 years until a concerted campaign forced them into the public. It is imperative that every citizen read these pages for themselves, because every one of us now lives under the constant threat of terrorism.

To Stop a Near-term Terror Attack, Read the '28 Pages'!
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Letter of Transmittal
Craig Isherwood, CEC National Secretary

A Deadly Double Blow to the Anglo-Saudi Empire
Robert Barwick and Glen Isherwood

To Stop a Near-term Terror Attack, Read the 28 Pages!
CEC Media Release, 22 July 2016

29 Pages Revealed: Corruption, Crime and Cover-up of 9/11
Kristen Breitweiser

Prince Charles and Saudi-backed Terrorism: Demand Answers!
CEC Media Release, 25 November 2015

BAE Scandal of the Century Rocks British Crown and the City
Jeffrey Steinberg, Executive Intelligence Review, 2007

This War on Terrorism is Bogus
Michael Meacher, MP, 2003

The Suppressed ‘28 Pages’
Part Four of the 2002 Report of the U.S. Congressional Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities before and after the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001

We Can End This Era of Terrorism and War