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CITIZENS INSIGHT - Magnitsky Acts are dangerous laws based on a hoax – Interview with Investigative Journalist, Lucy Komisar

Magnitsky Acts are dangerous laws based on a hoax
Interview with Lucy Komisar, Investigative Journalist

What’s behind the so-called Magnitsky legislation that Australia’s Five Eyes partners want Australia to enact, and which the gang of Anglo-American loyalists in Parliament who call themselves the “Wolverines” – including Andrew Hastie and Kimberley Kitching – are ushering through Parliament? The law would empower Australia to impose sanctions on targeted officials in other countries accused of human rights abuses, but that’s the cover story. Legendary American investigative reporter Lucy Komisar exposes this agenda to be a hoax perpetrated on the Australian Parliament and people. She tells the real story of the British-American financier Bill Browder, who is lauded as a champion of human rights for his campaign to enact Magnitsky laws all over the world, but who has a long history of tax fraud and other financial crimes, including as a front man for the giant British crime bank HSBC. Lucy shows how Browder’s story of the death of his accountant Sergei Magnitsky is a lie, based on which Browder’s Magnitsky laws erect a legal barrier between him and countries trying to hold him accountable for his crimes. Browder’s accomplices in the Five Eyes governments – the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and NZ – also support the Magnitsky laws as a convenient way to weaponise human rights against countries they are targeting for strategic confrontation and regime change; in truth, as Lucy shows, Magnitsky laws actually undermine human rights principles. Everything about Browder’s Magnitsky agenda should be a huge scandal, including Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade Committee’s inquiry into the law, which accepted Browder’s story without question, but redacted Lucy Komisar’s submission that exposed Browder’s testimony to be lies. Now in this interview, you can learn the truth that Parliament has tried to cover up.

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26 Nov 2020
Foreign Policy
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