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Economic recovery starts with crushing the banking monopoly / Were you played by QAnon?

1. Economic recovery starts with crushing the banking monopoly
2. Were you played by QAnon?
Presented by Elisa Barwick and Robert Barwick

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Sign the Petition to create an Australia Post Bank!:

Call and email your local federal MP, and the MP list below, demanding the three Rs;
•    Release the Maddocks report [UPDATE: THIS WAS DONE 22 Jan]
•    Replace the Australia Post board;
•    Reinstate Christine Holgate;

Contact Labor Leader Anthony Albanese and Shadow Communications Minister Michelle Rowland and demand they retract their attacks on Christine Holgate:
• Anthony Albanese:               (02) 9564 3588
• Michelle Rowland:      (02) 9671 4780

Contact Liberal PM Scott Morrison, Finance Minister Simon Birmingham, and Communications Minister Paul Fletcher:
• Scott Morrison:        (02) 9523 0339
• Simon Birmingham:     (08) 8354 1644
• Paul Fletcher:           (02) 9465 3950

Contact National Party politicians and demand they stand up for their rural and regional communities and insist Scott Morrison Reinstate Holgate and replace the Board:
• Nationals MPs:
•Nationals Senators:

For more material on this campaign visit our website:

23 Jan 2021
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