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An Australia Post ‘people’s bank’—a win-win solution for the nation

The best way to rein in the corrupt banking power of the Big Four is to re-establish a public alternative. Australia has not such a public bank since Paul Keating and John Howard privatised the Commonwealth Bank in 1996.

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An Australia Post ‘people’s bank’—a win-win solution for the nation

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The Citizens Party’s proposed national post office savings bank will force the banks to compete on retail services and restore banking services to every community in Australia.

For more than a decade numerous organisations and experts have called for an Australian public post office bank to provide a secure alternative to the private banking system.

Australians and the Australian economy are straining under the yoke of a private banking oligopoly which:

  • starves small business and industry of credit while concentrating its lending in the housing bubble that prices young families out of buying an affordable home;
  • maximises profits by preying on bank customers to extract wealth through asset-stripping;
  • withdraws banking services from whole communities through aggressive branch closures to maximise its profits;
  • denies banking services to anyone it doesn’t like, especially small businesses that are competitors to the banking system, making it impossible for them to function in the economy;
  • is pushing to eliminate cash entirely, in order to lock Australians into banks and force us to transact electronically so the banks can trace our economic activities; and
  • corrupts the political system through its enormous lobbying power, enabling it to always block any attempt to seriously reform the banking system.

TWO things YOU can do to make a difference in this campaign

1. Take these flyers to your local post office. Click on the image to Download PDF for printing.

25 Nov 2020 - Australia needs a national post office bank now     2 Dec 2020 - The public postal bank solution for Australia Post and the Australian economy     13 Jan 2021 - Australia Post inquiry exonerates Christine Holgate     20 Jan 2021 - Will Albanese retract his dishonest attack on Australia Post

2. Call and Email selected MPs and Senators

Liberal Party

Scott Morrison’s appalling character assassination of Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate in October has blown up in his face. The inquiry he ordered into her purchase of Cartier watches, conducted by the law firm Maddocks, has completely exonerated Holgate. As Robert Gottliebsen reported in The Australian on 30 December: “Maddocks found that Holgate was operating under correct Australia Post board procedures and that the Prime Minister had been badly misled.”

Now Morrison is trying to bury the report! He has made it “cabinet-in-confidence”, which means it can be kept secret for decades. This is outrageous! Morrison’s appalling 22 October outburst in Parliament, and demand the Australia Post board stand Holgate aside, was not just an attack on Holgate, it undermined the viability of Australia Post and its 3,000 or so small business licensed post offices (LPOs) whose fortunes Holgate had spectacularly turned around by taking on the banks. By doing so, Morrison is setting up Australia Post for privatisation, a longstanding Liberal agenda.

Demand the three Rs:

  • Release the Maddocks report;
  • Replace the Australia Post board;
  • Reinstate Christine Holgate as CEO;

Scott Morrison       (Prime Minister)     (02) 9523 0339

Simon Birmingham       (Finance Minister)           (08) 8354 1644

Paul Fletcher       (Communications Minister)                  (02) 9465 3950

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National Party

Demand the Nationals stand up for their rural and regional communities and insist Scott Morrison deliver the three Rs:

Click here for the Nationals MPs
Click here for the Nationals Senators

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Labor Party

It is now known that an independent report by the law firm Maddocks has completely exonerated Christine Holgate, confirming she did nothing wrong. Prime Minister Scott Morrison is trying to bury the report, but what about the Labor Party? The ALP instigated the attack on Christine Holgate, giving Morrison the pretext to force her out. Anthony Albanese personally formulated the narrative that justified the attack on Holgate, which was to create a false impression in the minds of the public that she had splurged taxpayers’ money on Cartier watches for Australia Post executives in the middle of the 2020 pandemic recession. Albanese knew the watches were purchased in 2018, and had nothing to do with the hardships of 2020, but he cynically challenged Morrison about their purchase “in the middle of the worst recession in almost a century, with one million Australians unemployed, businesses collapsing and a trillion dollars of Liberal debt”. It was this dishonest point-scoring by Albanese that provoked an enraged reaction from Scott Morrison which sealed Holgate’s fate and smashed the hopes of the LPOs.

Now that the Maddocks Report has cleared Christine Holgate, will Anthony Albanese acknowledge his role and retract his dishonest attack on Australia Post? And will the Labor Party do its job as the Opposition and pressure Scott Morrison to release the Maddocks Report and reinstate Christine Holgate?

Demand Labor retract their attacks on Christine Holgate and pressure Scott Morrison to release the Maddocks report:

Anthony Albanese       (Labor leader)                 (02) 9564 3588

Michelle Rowland       (Shadow Communications Minister)       (02) 9671 4780

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Page last updated on 22 January 2021