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An Australia Post ‘people’s bank’—a win-win solution for the nation

The best way to rein in the corrupt banking power of the Big Four is to re-establish a public alternative. Australia has not such a public bank since Paul Keating and John Howard privatised the Commonwealth Bank in 1996.

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An Australia Post ‘people’s bank’—a win-win solution for the nation

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The Citizens Party’s proposed national post office savings bank will force the banks to compete on retail services and restore banking services to every community in Australia.

For more than a decade numerous organisations and experts have called for an Australian public post office bank to provide a secure alternative to the private banking system.

Australians and the Australian economy are straining under the yoke of a private banking oligopoly which:

  • starves small business and industry of credit while concentrating its lending in the housing bubble that prices young families out of buying an affordable home;
  • maximises profits by preying on bank customers to extract wealth through asset-stripping;
  • withdraws banking services from whole communities through aggressive branch closures to maximise its profits;
  • denies banking services to anyone it doesn’t like, especially small businesses that are competitors to the banking system, making it impossible for them to function in the economy;
  • is pushing to eliminate cash entirely, in order to lock Australians into banks and force us to transact electronically so the banks can trace our economic activities; and
  • corrupts the political system through its enormous lobbying power, enabling it to always block any attempt to seriously reform the banking system.

What YOU can do to make a difference in this campaign

Take these flyers to your local post office. Click on the image to Download PDF for printing.

25 Nov 2020 - Australia needs a national post office bank now   2 Dec 2020 - The public postal bank solution for Australia Post and the Australian economy    27 Jan 2021 - Morrison releases Holgate report but ramps up smear campaign   25 Jan 2021 - Preliminary legal analysis of the Maddocks Report

2. Call and Email your local federal MP and the MPs and Senators below

the preliminary analysis of the Maddocks Report along with the demand they stop the smear campaign, replace the board and reinstate Holgate. Parliament will be sitting in February, so doing this now will be of great assistance to Citizens Party representatives intending to be in Canberra at that time.

Labor Party

Anthony Albanese       (Labor leader)                 (02) 9564 3588

Michelle Rowland       (Shadow Communications Minister)       (02) 9671 4780

Liberal Party

Scott Morrison       (Prime Minister)     (02) 9523 0339

Simon Birmingham       (Finance Minister)           (08) 8354 1644

Paul Fletcher       (Communications Minister)                  (02) 9465 3950

National Party

Demand the Nationals stand up for their rural and regional communities, which are so dependent on Australia Post’s services, and tell Scott Morrison to replace the board and reinstate Christine Holgate:

Click here for the Nationals MPs
Click here for the Nationals Senators

Page last updated on 08 March 2021

Campaign Updates

7 Apr 2021
Stood-down Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate has never spoken to the media, but now she has made an explosive 150-page submission to the Senate Environment and Communications Committee’s inquiry into her removal.
  • Australia Post
1 Apr 2021
Please sign and share the new petition: “PM Morrison—apologise to Christine Holgate and reinstate her as CEO of Australia Post”.
  • Australia Post
10 Mar 2021
Privatisers eyeing off a $5-10 billion theft of Australia Post, and $75 trillion in other public assets globally, are the other vested interest behind the removal of Christine Holgate over $20,000 worth of Cartier watches.
  • Australia Post
14 Jul 2020
How to write your submission
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